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I think we can all agree that junk food is delicious. Bright colors? Totally rad. And who doesn’t love slipping their tired feet into a comfy pair of sneakers? Crazy people. So when I found out about these awesome, snack-themed, and… wait for it… SCENTED shoelaces, I pretty much flipped out. Use ‘em to make your shoes smell like pizza (or breakfast, or cupcakes, or gumballs), or get creative and wear them as a headband, purse accessory, or bracelet. I’m starting to wonder why it took so long for someone to think of this.

Scent yourself at Apparel Dynasty.

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  • Nicole Oakley

    Just saw these scented shoelaces @ my favorite boutique in Jax bch called Original Piece…In person, the shoelaces are totally awesome! The salegirl told me the pizza scent is their most popular! Go figure?

  • Marysol De Anda

    So you can have an excuse to say “SMELL MY FEET!” (shoelaces)

  • Kyle Mikula

    shoelaces that smell like pizza? Oh gosh that sounds disgusting!

  • Clemencia Mora

    wait, some of them smell like *music*?

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