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Gilda Radner was the coolest. There’s not going to be a debate on this; It is established truth. The only thing we could argue about is whether or not Judy Miller or Lisa Loopner is her greatest character. Oh, you want to bring up Baba Wawa or Emily Litella? Roseanne Roseannadanna? Fine. But Gilda’s the coolest.

Why was she the coolest? To start, she was the sweetest, silliest, kindest, funniest person ever. She had fantastic hair and wasn’t afraid to pour soup all over herself to get a good laugh. She hung out with rock stars and gave VIP tours of 30 Rock to preteen fans. Finally, she was the very first person ever cast to be on Saturday Night Live. 

Growing up, I was a nerdy and depressed teenager who wrote a lot and did act outs alone in her bedroom. When I finally discovered Gilda and all of the other amazing ladies on Saturday Night Live, I finally didn’t feel like I was such lonely weirdo.  I was inspired to start taking improv classes and writing satire pieces. I embraced my weirdness and became all the better because of it.

Now, social media platforms are bringing weird, creative, awesome, silly girls together. One particularly awesome Gilda Radner fangirl started a tumblr in her honor and makes these amazing original t-shirts that she sells through her personal blog. They are only $20 (including shipping!) and are must have for any true Gilda fan.

Also, I heard a rumor that Tina Fey has one exactly like this. Just saying. It’s a must-have for all nerdy comedy girls (like me).


p.s. You can’t buy my cat. Even though he’s pictured in the above image, I’m not offering up my cat to the internet. Lucius and I are bound together by sheer disdain and hatred for each other and no one can tear us asunder. (Sorry.)


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