ITEM OF THE DAYItem Of The DayTatti Ribeiro

Literally everything on this website could be written up for Hello Giggles. It’s out of control. I love the cameras, the printers, the frames, all of it. I grew up with Polaroids – my mom was amazing and would capture the best moments of any given day on film. Now our fridge is covered in all of these memories. I was so sad to hear that the Polaroid camera was being discontinued but then I found that they just redeveloped and updated it a little. Polaroid anything is the Item Of The Day.

Look at all the amazingness here!

  • Allie Krukowski

    I love polaroid film as much as any other creative, nostalgic person in the world. But what ticks me off is that they claim the camera [shown above] is a “Classic” when it is not. The film size is that of a business card. And as far as I’m concerned that ain’t no classic polaroid size. Fail polaroid. Epic Fail.

  • Alli Woods Frederick

    Fuji has the same model(fuji instax mini)…literally…same body and the films are interchangable. I have the Fuji and I ♥ it to absolute bits and bits and bits.

    There is simply no substitute for instant film. None.
    Excellent choice for item of the day.

  • Dede Baker Hamm

    Yay! I was so worried Polaroid was dropping off the face of the Earth but I L-O-V-E everything on the website. How freaking adorable is that stuff?!?

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