Item of the Day: 15 Minute Yoga

It can be hard to find the time to work out. As someone who has very few responsibilities (no children, no pets, no plants), I still struggle to get an (almost) daily workout in. On the days when I’m especially crunched for time, or when I just do not have the energy to even deal with Jillian Michaels, I turn to 15 Minute Yoga with Rodney Yee and Mariel Hemingway.

You’re not going to get a super-sweaty, intense workout from this DVD. But what you will get is some stretches that will make you feel a ton better and the soothing presence of Rodney Yee. Seriously, you guys, this DVD is like a magical relaxation pill. In theory, it should be annoying that Rodney and Mariel keep up a running conversation throughout the workout, but somehow, I find it calming. I’ve memorized their dialogue by now, and I often think things like, “Oh, Rodney, you would do yoga in a movie theatre, wouldn’t you?” as he tells that story for the fifty-millionth time.

Also, this DVD is easy for beginners, contains 4 workouts, and is a great way to either relax before bed or center yourself in the morning. You can buy it on Amazon or from Gaiam.

Image via Little Miss Vegetarian

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