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Literally everything on this website could be written up for Hello Giggles. It’s out of control. I love the cameras, the printers, the frames, all of it. I grew up with Polaroids – my mom was amazing and would capture the best moments of any given day on film. Now our fridge is covered in all of these memories. I was so sad to hear that the Polaroid camera was being discontinued but then I found that they just redeveloped and updated it a little. Polaroid anything is the Item Of The Day.

Look at all the amazingness here!


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  1. I love polaroid film as much as any other creative, nostalgic person in the world. But what ticks me off is that they claim the camera [shown above] is a “Classic” when it is not. The film size is that of a business card. And as far as I’m concerned that ain’t no classic polaroid size. Fail polaroid. Epic Fail.

  2. Fuji has the same model(fuji instax mini)…literally…same body and the films are interchangable. I have the Fuji and I ♥ it to absolute bits and bits and bits.

    There is simply no substitute for instant film. None.
    Excellent choice for item of the day.

  3. Yay! I was so worried Polaroid was dropping off the face of the Earth but I L-O-V-E everything on the website. How freaking adorable is that stuff?!?