Item Of The Day

Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you stressed out? Well, then you should lay down on this mat with over 8,820 plastic spikes! No, but for real. The Yantra Mat is an acupressure mat that increases bloodflow when your body makes contact with it. It feels kinda weird at first, but then your body is surrendering over to the most strangely blissful relaxation you’ve ever known.

My boyfriend and I call it “the spiked mat” and we make every single person who comes into our apartment try it. After just a minute or two on this baby, you feel much more relaxed and clear-headed. I use the Yantra mat when I can’t sleep because it sends me off to dreamland way more easily than counting sheep or recalling The Notebook frame-by-frame ever did. I’ve also used it when I’ve had a tummy ache (laying on my stomach) or headache. I use it post-exercise to relax my muscles or even just to chill out after a long day. This thing is just amazing all around; I’ve had it for over a year and can’t imagine how I ever lived without it.

The Yantra Mat is the perfect holiday gift for your stressed-out mama, your brother with the tense back, or yourself.

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