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I don’t know if you know this about me, but I cannot sleep. I just am not one of those people who can fall asleep anytime, anywhere and wake up rested and relaxed. It just doesn’t work like that for me. My roommates and parents are always telling me to like, take a bath and try and relax, or turn off all my electronics before bed, or drink some sleepy time tea – and I’m always like, “I’ve tried guys, sleeping is just not my thang.”

Well, maybe I’ve changed, or maybe this drink is just crazy good…because I can sleep now. If I drink a Neuro Sleep, I can literally sleep peacefully for hours. I brought home a bunch of bottles of this the other day and each of my roommates (there’s five of them) has tried it. It’s actually hilarious to watch them all drink this because no one expects it to be so good at what it says it can do, which is make you sleep.

I’m gonna quickly break down some of their experiences because Nuero Sleep has got to be one of the most effective things I’ve ever seen. Not only does it work for me, it works for my roommates too.

Vicky – Vicky is for some reason always sick. Like, she needs to get her tonsils out today and just stop leaving the house because when she does she comes home ill (she says ill not sick, she’s British, yo). She was crazy sick the other day and couldn’t sleep because of how awful she felt (Tylenol PM didn’t even work). I gave her a glass of water & this drink and she was OUT!

Rozzi – Rozzi hates napping like me. We’re not freaks, it’s just like, waking up from a deep sleep in the middle of the day throws us off so much. We’re always groggy and grumpy after a nap and it sucks. Rozzi also never allows herself to nap. Girlfriend is busy singing most of the time. So when I came home and everyone was watching TV and I asked where Roz was and they told me she was napping, I thought something awful happened. But something awful didn’t happen, something great happened, she just drank some Neuro Sleep and passed out.

Look, the bottom line is that this drink literally does what it says, which is rare in a beverage. And it’s not just the neuro-sleep. I drink neuro-bliss at work and it’s great, neuro-gasm whenever I feel like it and it’s awesome too…really just all of the neuro-drinks are great. I seriously recommend you try at least one!

  • Taylor Spear

    sounds amazing!! where can you buy it?

  • Megan Russ

    Where can I get it!

  • Alexandra Rae

    lol I want it. what the hell is in it?!

  • Shandra Goldfinger

    It’s probably cheaper to just buy a bottle of melatonin pills. I know a lot of people who have been helped with melatonin. Basically, you’re ingesting the hormone that tells your body to react to darkness and sleep. You should be careful not to use this too often or in large amounts, because it may cause your body to stop making its own melatonin. I also have ridiculous sleep issues, but melatonin doesn’t work for me :-( Oh, and since it contains 5-HTP people using SSRIs shouldn’t take it. It can be life-threatening to having too much serotonin in your system.

    • Beth Curry

      That’s strange, that melatonin doesn’t help you. Do you have a circadian rhythm sleep disorder?
      /psychology student.

  • Katy Johnson

    I love the neuro drinks. I found them last year while at college, and I practically lived off of them. Plus, the bottles are super duper cool. :) My favorite is the neuro trim/slim (I forget the name), because it tastes like grape fruit juice. Besides on my campus, I’ve seen them in Walgreens.

  • Abby Lindsey

    I am so getting this for my super cranky can-never-sleep boyfriend! I just found it on Amazon!

  • Iris Guadalupe

    They always have them at walgreens!

  • Robyn RW

    I love this stuff! I’m not a good sleeper either. My boyfriend’s always saying, “You need to tire yourself out more during the day.” It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what time I get up or what all I do during the day, I DO NOT SLEEP without help. This and the neurobliss work well too.

  • Toni Torres

    What flavor is it? When we were in Texas they have a drink out there called Sippin Sizzurp and it knocked my butt out. I was totally not expecting it to make me that sleepy! If you are in Texas, try it!

  • Toni Torres

    I mean Sippin Syrup

  • Melanie Mccauley

    I just bought a bottle, and it’s amazing! I have major insomnia problems, but after drinking about half, I’m seconds way from being out like a light. Magic! Thanks!!

  • Hesley Python Harps

    Totally going to try this, I am the worst insomniac!

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