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Ah, The Clapper. A bit retro, sure, but what a timeless invention, right? After all, laziness has no expiration date and the novelty of being able to simply clap your way to a lighter/darker room (among other things) can never possibly get old. How many of us have been lying in bed at night, just about to fall asleep but realising that we need to get up and turn off the lights, TV, etc? The premise of this product is basically to enable the sedentary lifestyle, and I could not be happier. I wasn’t even sure if they still made it, but lucky for the person I’ll be purchasing this for at Christmas and all of you, THEY DO.

According to The Clapper’s Wikipedia page, there have been two “upgrades” to the product since its introduction in 1985. I know what you’re thinking – uh, how can you improve perfection? I wondered the same thing. Anyway, the following two items are also available:

  • The Smart Clapper allows control of two devices, based on if a person claps two or three times.

  • A design revision known as The Clapper Plus includes a remote control function in addition to sound-based activation. (Editor’s note: Why do I need a remote? No thanks!)

Not only is The Clapper a bomb thing in and of itself but I think we can all attest to the amazingness of the theme song, too:

  • Maria Jose Rojas

    I read this and immediately a clip of Bruce Almighty came to my head! Remember when God was singing the clapper song/ I loved it! 😀

    • Jennifer Still

      what’s crazy is that after I wrote this, I turned on the TV and ABC Family had Bruce Almighty on! I’d never seen it before and just about died when they mentioned The Clapper!

  • Jill Layton

    The old lady in this commercial, Francis Goodman, was a relative of mine (she died a long time ago). I don’t wanna brag, but so is Jared, the Subway guy (still alive). So, basically, my family was born to be a star. Collectively.

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