Item of the Day

I don’t know if you guys are into journaling, but why would anyone not be? It’s like talking to your best friend if your best friend never actually said anything just nodded and smiled and wanted you to keep talking about your feelings until your hand went numb and carpal tunnel set in.

So when I saw the My Life Story Lifetime Diary at House 8810, I couldn’t resist. Day after day I’d go back and drool over it until finally my hands told me go stop being such a ninny and clicked “add to shopping cart.” We’ve been together ever since. It’s 1080 pages and designed to last you 100 years, which it won’t. I ignore the seasonal pages and just write as much as I please, but since lined pages are paired with blank ones, I also get to do sketches and paste photos and find homes for my dinosaur stickers.

You can get one HERE and then thank me in the comments below.

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