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From Pretty Kitty Knitty City

Um.  Excuse me???  Who are you, baby?  And this costume of yours?  Who made it?  Dolce and Gabbana?  Versace?  Your mother?!?  Okay, your mother has defined ULTIMATE CUTENESS by making you AND your costume.  Maybe your costume was made four years ago, but you are my item of the day right now and forever because I JUST discovered you on the interweb.  I don’t even like candy corn, but on a baby, I am totally enamored with it.  I get SICK from looking at your cuteness.    Will you please never grow up or maybe just be a candy corn for the rest of your life?  Please?  Thank you.

Your Biggest Fan,

Alessandra Rizzotti

P.S. Your mom needs to do mass orders of your costume so that all babies can be transformed into little cute candy corns like yourself.   If the world was filled with baby candy corns, Occupy Wall Street would just end immediately.  I am sure of it.

From Pretty Kitty Knitty City

  • Maria Clara Lima

    This baby is really cute, but Alessandra, I’d really rather the Occupy Wall Street to continue so when she/he grows up the world would be descent again.

    • Anonymous

      Aprpecitioan for this information is over 9000-thank you!

    • Anonymous

      mvPH0t jqmarolvxzmu

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    Oh yes I meant the need for Occupy Wall Street…

    • Maria Clara Lima

      So then… I SECOND THAT. <3

  • Kyisha Thompson

    Too stinkin’ CUTE!

  • Stephanie Arafiles Bridgman

    I just died from cuteness overload. I am totally going to make this for my future baby some day!

  • Sara Michaels

    I’m fairly certain this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

    Thank you.

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