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Get your sip on, ladies!

Recently, I found myself in Chicago at a “Convenience Store Convention”, which is exactly what you think it is. Lots of booths, filled with heavenly items. I found myself stocking up on everything in site. You put me in front of free stuff and I go nuts. I came home with bags and bags of energy drinks and coconut milk. If anyone needs some of that, hit me up.

First of all: Thank you, Convention.  I love free stuff more than I love myself.

Second of all: this magic sipper will change your life.

If you’re anything like me, milk isn’t considered a drink it’s an option for your morning brew.  Initially picked up this item to give to my sweet little three year old cousin. I’ve never seen her drink anything other than milk. I think she might turn into milk one day. But, the curiosity killed me, so I broke out my Almond Breeze (milk minus the stomach aches) and went to town sucking it up. O.M.G. Gimme more milk, madame! I’m sold!

It is delicious. Not only is the cow on the front super adorable, but even I’m over not liking milk if it comes in this form. The flavor I chose was vanilla. But you can get chocolate or strawberry as well. Like the package says: there are no artificial flavors or colors, which I think is a huge plus.

It tastes like heaven, it makes you feel like a five year old, and it’s suuuuppperrr cute to do with friends. I’m Veronica, if anyone wants to come over and be my Betty.

Order yours online from Perpetual Kid!

  • Mädi Kircher

    So… what is this item exactly? Little beads of something in a straw? Sugar? I’m not clear on what it is…

  • Bianca Koolmees

    It’s flavouring that disintegrates and flavours your milk as you sip it up through the straw. So plain milk in your cup-flavoured milk in your mouth. They’re called Sippaah straws or something like that in Australia, my Mum remembers them from when she was a kid so they’ve been around for awhile, at least here.

  • Joanna Lubbes

    My mom bought these (in chocolate) for my nephew recently and I immediately had to ask what they were…the package is definitely inticing to the kid inside. They are still on her table everytime I stop by and I’m always tempted to steal one because I love milk and what a fun way to drink it. I guess I’ll actually have to take on the next time! Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Helen Campbell-Woodrup

    Have seen those over here in the UK, made by Nesquick. May have to treat myself to the strawberry ones now.

  • Lisa ‘LeeLee’ Beever

    I have this brand & the nesquick brand i love them.

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