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Just in time for the dry winter months, Maybelline has come out with the greatest lip balm of all time. Trust me, it’s used and approved by yours truly.

Baby Lips provides your lips with SPF20 protection and all of the moisture in the Universe. Though touted as lasting up to 8 hours, I would have to disagree. It lasts about two to three hours on me, but I tend to rub my lips together and gnaw them to death when I’m nervous. That said, it certainly lasts longer than any other lip balm I’ve tried.

I recommend color 30 Peach Kiss and color 15 Cherry Me. The latter is incredibly pink and the former provides just a hint of peachy goodness to my pout.

You can pick these babies up at any drug store.

(pic via Maybelline)

  • Katherine Costantini

    The name is a bit creepy, but I’m still going to pick it up!

  • Bea Ramirez-Olivera

    too cute!

  • Kyisha Thompson

    LOVE this stuff! It leaves my lips super-soft with no greasy feeling. I think it’s going to be my warm seasons balm, though. Jack Black hasn’t failed me a winter yet, so I’m staying true to my man. :-)

  • Bethany Gipson

    Going to check these out ASAP! I am a lip product FANATIC. Thank you for sharing!

  • Emma Tukdarian

    How true is it to the colour?
    I’m running low on my EOS and I love lip balms.
    Defiantly will check it out

  • Theresa Dobritch

    I purchased Quenched yesterday based solely on this review. Thank you, Spirit Guide Caragh.

  • Simone Campbell Williams

    Dammit! Where were you just a few days ago??? I have some Jack Black lip stuff coming in the mail from Sephora; heard awesome stuff about them. Buuuuut, like shoes, can you really have enough lip balm? I need one for my purse, my pocket, my scrubs, my dresser in the bedroom, my end table in the living room, my car, my locker at work…yes, I must.

  • Jessica Colella

    Got this nearly 6 months ago, for some reason they had released it in Asia before the U.S.! Anyways, I have the menthol balm and the pink punch lip glossy one. I prefer the balm because the colored ones are a little bright (as in they kind of look like the kid lipsticks you vigorously applied to your 5 year old self).

  • Jessica Fudala

    Jessica, you totally have it right! I have the pink (which is too pink) and the cherry(a little too red). I <3 the sheer and will dab the cherry to give myself a little color.

  • Michelle Menchaca

    Just got Cherry Me and I love it. This beats the Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in Rose, which was a huge disappointment for me.

  • Leigh Brewer

    Just an FYI, there are coupons for this quite often & when it’s on sale at Target you can get it for under a dollar if not for free!!

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