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Wet ‘n’ Wild Fantasy Makers “Glow In Dark” Nail Polish


As much as I love to do nails and pride myself on keeping a full polish library, I don’t get attached to nail polish. There is one exception, glow in the dark polish. Years ago I found a magical bottle of GITD polish at Ricky’s in NY and have been hoarding it because I’ve never found a match for the intensity of the glow, until now.

“Glow In Dark” from Wet ‘n’ Wilds’ “Fantasy Makers” collection is glowing perfection in a bottle.

The glow would make J.Lo jealous!

Reasons this polish rocks:

  • It’s under $2! I picked my bottle up for $1.99  (If you wait until after Oct it will be even less!)
  • The glow is intense.
  • It dries quickly.
  • The color of the polish dry is a milky white and less of a snot green.
  • The polish soaks up light quickly so you don’t have to hold your nails up to light to activate.


*Tip: Add a white base coat before you apply the polish.


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  1. Where did you guys buy this from? Target/Walmart/CVS? I want it!

    • I purchased this one from CVS, I also got one for Mollz at Rite-Aid both were $1.99

  2. What do you have over the polish? Is it sticker nail art? What brand?

    • I used an “image plate” from Bundle Monster.
      You can also pick up fun holiday stickers and put clear polish over it.

  3. Diggin the nail art chica…and glow in the dark? I never thought of that b4.

  4. GITD is one of my favorite nail polishes of ALL time…I used to pretend that my glowing fingers were stars and make them fly around in the dark :D

  5. Oh this is adorable, I’m hoping to find some around the CT area

  6. I purchased this last weekend and I love it!!

  7. they sell it on ebay

  8. to post a comment

  9. going to buy after work love it

  10. My grandma bought me this a couple years ago! I looove it.