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If you’re going to be anything sexy for Halloween, I highly recommend’s silly fruit costumes – now in watermelon, strawberry, pineapple and banana flavors.  These costumes prove that fruit is not only sexy when eaten, but also when made into synthetic fabric lady attire. features informative videos that teach you how to wear each costume the sexiest way possible, so I suggest you push aside The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for a minute  and make these videos your newest guilty pleasure.  Oh, I almost forgot…each costume comes with one free pair of panties!  I hope they have granny panties because that’s what I’m in the mood for.  Nothing like a granny panty sexy banana for Halloween!  I’m also debating getting the watermelon costume because there’s nothing like having a bite taken out of a sexy costume.  If you agree,  order yours online today!



  • Aislinn O’Reilly

    The banana one is hilarious!

  • Natalia Morales

    :O the strawberry one with the bitten look….want! but with granny panties too XD

  • DeeAnn DeZarn

    You’d think that since Facebook adverting keeps all your down and dirty data they’d know you don’t want to dress up like a banana! Really, Alessandra, why aren’t they showing you the Toddlers & Tiaras Mommy outfit? That’s what they’ve been showing me.

  • Brit Bulens

    I’d be the watermelon! Love that bite thing! :) Or I’d just save money and wear all orange and be an orange…

  • Almie Rose

    Poor girl is trying so hard to sell the pineapple costume.

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