Item of the Day

I have a bit of a thing for travel-sized products. I don’t know why, really – they’re just so cute and convenient and I can take them with me on all the non-existent holidays I embark on. Great, right?

My skin’s pretty temperamental, especially in the colder months, and my face gets dry and patchy and itchy. I’m terrible about following a skincare regimen but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to, just that I want someone to make it easy for me and tell me exactly which products to use and in which order.

For that reason, Pangea Organics has wormed its way into my (lazy) heart with their Skincare Discovery Kit. Not only does it include a complete set of products, from cleanser and toner to mask and moisturiser, but it all comes… in travel-sized packaging! Hold on, can you hear that? Oh, that’s just the angels rejoicing.

If all that wasn’t enough, it feels (pardon the pun) absolutely heavenly to use. Seriously, my face feels so clean, clear and healthy after going through the regimen before bed at night. The toner – typically a product I avoid as it dries you out and messes up the natural pH balance in your skin – actually seems to have the opposite effect, restoring moisture and evening out the whole process.

The cream itself is full without seeming heavy, and the included scrub is a nice exfoliator while the mask is fun for those random spa nights. While I use the kit for normal to dry skin (which also has anti-aging properties, apparently!), they’re also available for those with normal to combination and oily to blemish prone skin types, so all the bases are covered.

You can order yours online via the above links on the Pangea Organics website and their products are also carried at Whole Foods – at least here in New York City. A full list of store locations can be found here.

Also, they just so happen to be in the midst of their biggest sale of the year and are offering 25% off EVERYTHING in the shop until October 31st. Time to get some holiday shopping done!