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You have every right to be freaking out right now. I’m dead serious. This is an actual item you can buy at the store. Yes, it is a JUSTIN BIEBER SINGING TOOTH BRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went into shock when my friend showed this to me. I can brush my teeth and listen to Justin Bieber’s heavenly voice. You can buy two different toothbrushes, one that sings ‘Love Me/Somebody to Love’ and one that sings ‘Baby/ U Smile’. There is one button for the morning to wake you up and one button for the night to put you to sleep. It plays for 2 minutes (the dentist recommended time) and it comes in four different colors. There is an adult toothbrush, a kids toothbrush and a regular toothbrush, as well as floss, flossers and a travel kit.

I know most of you have probably not been able to read through this whole blog because you were so excited but you can order them online HERE.

They also sell them at CVS, RiteAid and Walgreens

  • Flor Quintas

    I don’t really know any JB fan and every time someone says something good about him around me they are being sarcastic. So when reading this I thought you were kidding lol

    Anyway, I think it’s great that it makes you happy, hope you get one! :) (and I guess JB floss beats the cupcake one?)

  • Chelsey ‘Hannibal’ Davis

    I totally have this!!!!! It’s AMAZING!

  • Megan Cunningham

    That’s such a good idea! I would actually brush for two minutes for this.

  • Camille Thegoldencougar Christiansen

    I JUST saw this at Walgreen’s!

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