Item Of The Day

A little while back, the amazing people at IZZE sent HelloGiggles some samples of their drink IZZE esque. It’s like a low calorie version of the original. We were so excited to try all the flavors! We’re not one of those offices who has a super stocked fridge (The Hundreds came and exposed that a while ago…) so you can imagine how excited and proud we were to offer these to all of our guests! Everyone’s hooked. They practically stock us at HG now because they know we have these. We only  have two left… actually there’s only one left now because I drank one while I was writing this (this flavor is “Sparkling Black Raspberry ” & it’s delicious)… and I’m so sad.

(happy when it’s full)

(so sad when it’s gone)

What am I even supposed to drink at work now, water?

Anyways, you guys need to go get them now, you’ll be so happy you did! It’s just so refreshing and you don’t feel like your drinking something gross and made out of like, fake sugar or something.


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