Item of the Day

I keep going back to CaptainLaurie’s Etsy shop and looking at this necklace tile pendant. I’ve seen them before at street fairs and stuff, the scrabble tile pendants on chains, but none of the designs ever really grabbed me.
I love this picture. It’s fun, it’s mischievous, and I don’t even normally go for pink things. The skirt and the sneakers make me feel like I’m back in high school, about to ditch drama practice for some crazy adventures (lolz kidding I never ditched drama, it was the best).


I want this. I want it around my neck on a chain. Also I kind of want one of the silk-screened brass knuckles ties — so fancy, yet so bad-a**! I wish I had a boyfriend to get it for, but since I don’t, I guess I’ll just wear it myself. There’s also some bacon-themed stuff which I guess people are into, so if you like bacon things, enjoy.


Scrabble pendant available HERE

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