Item of the Day

Even though I sort of like being an adult and enjoying all the privileges it has to offer me (like night cream and my jury duty summons for November 29th… charmed, I’m sure!), I much prefer a lifestyle more suited for a twelve-year-old: eating Funyuns for breakfast in the afternoon, skipping, being on a family cell phone plan and slapping people and asking why they’re hitting themselves are all activities that I enjoy on the regular.

That’s why I was delighted when I stumbled upon the Pixielated Etsy, a shop created by crafty London-based designer Becky Hobden. The shop features adorable candy-colored crocheted accessories that are perfect for adding a playful pop to your bad hair days and winter wardrobe.

I’m currently having a moment with her Big Bow Headbands, which are almost too cute to handle. Short of marching around town with a sparkly scepter, they’re the perfect way to create a fun, youthful vibe in your life and in your closet. Unlike other headbands that send you on a vice-gripped journey to a land of headaches and leave a dent in your mane, these are super soft and comfortable. I’m wearing the red one in the featured image because although I’m not a fan of Disney, I think we can all agree to agree that Snow White is the chicest chick of them all and any chance to look like her is one that should be taken.

The headbands also come in a variety of other equally sweet colors guaranteed to cheer you up and remind everyone that you’re the fairest of them all:

Perfect for wrapping yourself up and letting people know what a gift you are.

You can get your own at the Pixielated shop for $16 and check out Becky’s blog here.

Image via Pixielated.