Item of the Day


I’m not one to promote myself, but I just started making these fun ornamental terrariums and I am super amped to share them with you!  Usually, I primarily work with plants at my business Twinkly Terrariums, but I’ve decided to try a new thing that humans will never be able to kill.  Introducing…tiny origami by Danielle Descatoux, which I then carefully insert into lightbulbs that I dangerously take a part using needle nose pliers!  The result? Giraffes, frogs, elephants and cranes sitting on flowers in little whimsical bubbles!



Now, if you guys can comment with a story or funny caption about one of these little guys and tell me where you would hang one, I will send a lightbulb terrarium to the best storyteller!  Of course, I would send each of you one if I could, but I am not able.  If interested in my plant arrangements, check out the examples below!

Girl Power Land of the Lost Terrarium from

Cat Terrarium from

Dino Wedding Terrarium from

Orchid Terrarium from

For the twentieth comment, I will post a How-To on terrarium-making for next week!