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I’m not one to promote myself, but I just started making these fun ornamental terrariums and I am super amped to share them with you!  Usually, I primarily work with plants at my business Twinkly Terrariums, but I’ve decided to try a new thing that humans will never be able to kill.  Introducing…tiny origami by Danielle Descatoux, which I then carefully insert into lightbulbs that I dangerously take a part using needle nose pliers!  The result? Giraffes, frogs, elephants and cranes sitting on flowers in little whimsical bubbles!



Now, if you guys can comment with a story or funny caption about one of these little guys and tell me where you would hang one, I will send a lightbulb terrarium to the best storyteller!  Of course, I would send each of you one if I could, but I am not able.  If interested in my plant arrangements, check out the examples below!

Girl Power Land of the Lost Terrarium from

Cat Terrarium from

Dino Wedding Terrarium from

Orchid Terrarium from

For the twentieth comment, I will post a How-To on terrarium-making for next week!

  • Anonymous

    so cute. I can’t wait for the DIY

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    I love all of these! I had to choose one! She will be getting hers as soon as she gives me her addy!

  • Ashley Swift

    I would hang it, inside a lampshade in the middle of my room. I never use my main light, just a bedside lamp, so when people flicked the switch (it’s disconnected) they’d look at the bulb to see why it didn’t work. It’d be brilliant! Now kindly send me one of these FABULOUS terrariums, because I’m no good at making my own. :'(

  • Tamour Allen

    “Well, here I am, just hanging around in my pretty glass house.” said the sweet paper bluebird. “The air is nice in here, and I am happy to be folded into being.” “Now, if I could just swing over to the window, I could see the clouds sachet by to complete my song of life in my little glass world made of pressed sand.” The End. Alessandra and Danielle, I love your work! I would hang it beside my collection of wind chimes on the back porch so then I would have beauty in sight as well as sounds. :)

  • Jessica Ann Lucia

    There was once a child named Jane who lived in a land called Rizz. A place where clouds were made of cotton balls and birds were made of folded paper. One day, Jane looked out the window of her bedroom and saw the most beautiful, royal blue, paper crane flying through the sky. She closed her eyes tight and wished she’d be able to see the lovely creature every day. The next morning, as the sun rose above the horizon, Jane yawned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Gazing around her room, something new caught her attention. There, hanging near her window, was a glass ball. And inside the magical sphere, a tiny royal blue, paper crane was frozen in midair. A tiny replica of the real ones that Jane loved so much flying around through the fluffy sky.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    Thank you to everyone who is responding! You are all wonderful! I will personally message the winner!

  • Kimberly Nappi

    These are beautiful! And they definitely inspire me to try to make some of my own, if I could just find some pretty jars :)

  • Nata Rubiano

    the coolest recycled light bulb i’ve ever seen. I want 1000 for my office!! we work 4 the environment., basically saving the world..!!

  • Tessa Campbell

    Oh wow! Those are so amazing! If I had a wee little crane in a lightbulb home, I would most definitely hang it in an old bird cage I have hanging in my room. It isn’t possible to have a real bird in there, so this would be perfect! Conveniently I also have a string of paper cranes trailing from the bird cage, so this little guy could be king of the cranes!

  • Erin Katherine


  • Becalet Bliss

    I would comment 5 times if it meant you would post a how-to next week <3

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    Yes I sell these! Order requests can be made at

  • Corbin Muraro

    Wow! Those lightbulbs are super cool. Are you selling them?

  • Hannah Brown

    The origami bulbs would make lovely jewelry- you could make the cutest bracelet with some Christmas lights! (Maybe that’s too small to be feasible, but it would be adorable.)
    Also, hanging a few in front of a window would be really pretty- you could use colored bulbs for something like that, or the normal ones.
    My favorite is probably the little blue paper crane- the colors are so peaceful. Why can’t I live in a lightbulb?
    Of course, the terrariums are so creative, too, but I think I like the lightbulbs better- they’re so delicate, and there’s a lot of fun symbolism about lightbulbs (ideas, light, goodness, etc)

  • Victor Allen

    How many paper cranes does it take to change a light bulb… INTO A WORK OF ART! (Answer: one.) As an artist, I’m addicted to pretty baubles, and these are very baubly indeed. I’d hang one in a window so that the light can bounce off of the surface of the glass, and look to it when I’m feeling in need of a zap of inspiration. They’re just… serene! I don’t have many serene thingies in my life (I have a neglected zen garden with blue sand and a dreidel in it with a bended fork as a rake, but that’s about it).

    I really, truly love your terrariums, too, and I look forward to that tutorial post! I’m into making tiny things too ( ), so that could be a rocking next project. I love how they’re small, self-contained worlds, like fairy lands.

  • Tiffany Fulton

    I would hang the bulb- cranes all around my room so I can feel like I have birds all around my room and ti would be so peaceful. So pretty and great to have birds that my cat wont try and get!

    I love the kitty terrain. I would take it with me when I leave places without my cat so I don’t miss her as much

    the orchid terrain I would put right by my bad because I love orchids and pink and to have something so pretty right by my bed while reading a book would put me in happy land.

    i also love the dino wedding. my nick lame is tiffy trex.
    all these are gorgeous.

  • Cy Gilbert

    Zooey, you’re the greatest, and your creation is brilliant! I mean that. :)

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      Thank you! I’m not Zooey but what a lovely compliment!

  • Lena Latham-Cannon

    Here in my bedroom I have a large white fan which has three settings, 1-low, 2-med and 3-high. What I would do if I somehow attained a tiny bird enclosed within a perfect world, is let him fly by attaching him to the wing of one of my fans. He could spin around on the low speed until his hearts content.

  • Stephanie Smith

    why can’t I actually go to

  • Verónica Figueiredo

    A few of your origami-bulbs hanging from the ceiling of a balcony in the sunset right by the sea would make an amazing view.
    In love with your artwork!

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