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One of my favourite things about cooler weather is lighting my autumn candles. I know that probably sounds a little weird, but once the air gets a little chill to it, I generally find that it’s time to fill my house with amazing seasonal smells. Traditionally in the past, Yankee Candle used to do the job with its Pumpkin Pie flavour. (Is “flavour” even the right word, here?) I still love them, but as we all become more health/environment conscious, I wanted to make the switch to soy candles when I could and had yet to find one that really a) smelled enough and b) smelled good enough.

Enter Linnea’s Lights! Hand poured, triple scented, small batch candles in an amazing variety of scents that actually… well, smell. After leaving the tuberose going for about 20 minutes, my room was full of flowery goodness! (It wasn’t quite autumn weather yet, so I made an exception.) Their other scents are just as amazing – sweet grass, ocean, magnolia… seriously, I wish there were more than 24 hours a day so I could burn them all back to back.

Each 9 oz. candle will run you about $29 – which may seem slightly steep but really isn’t, considering you get roughly 60 hours of burn time from them. Also, if you like feeling posh (who doesn’t?), every candle also comes with its own little book of matches attached to the lid! I know, right? Baller!

Shortly, the company will be rolling out its limited edition scents, one of which is pumpkin! Also on the list are forest fir and the mysteriously-titled winter, which I imagine smells like snow and ozone and other cold weather things. In other words, perfection!

Check out the Linnea’s Lights website for more information on their products and company history. While you can’t shop on the site, there are a number of online retailers where you can pick up the candles, as well as a store locator on the site.

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