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These bad boys have really helped remove layers of makeup while I’ve been near catatonic in bed after a long day of work. I wear waterproof mascara and as you may know, that’s a tricky product to get off your lovely lashes.

I tested two different brands. I bought Neutrogena as well as Burt’s Bees to see which cleansing cloth worked best. I liked the Burt’s Bees for just quick removal of face makeup, but the real winner for me was the Neutrogena product for these reasons:

  • They feel very soft against my skin, which tends to be sensitive as well as oily and dry.
  • They really help break down eye makeup very gently and my eye area doesn’t feel raw after I’m done, no matter how much I rub against my skin.
  • They are pretty big, soft, and very moist, so you feel like you’re really getting a lot out of the product.
I dare say these are great for you if you are traveling or spending the night somewhere and don’t feel like bending over the sink to get your face freshened up before bed. I know there are tons of jokes out there about how using these things is how you know you’ve “given up,” but come on. Sometimes when I’ve already settled into a comfortable position in bed and I realize I’ve forgotten to wash my face, these little guys are saviors. Makeup comes off and when I go to wash my face with soap and water in the morning, the mascara is that much easier to remove.
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  • Haintso Rakouth

    I’ve gotten the mini travel pack and gosh they are amazing. I used to wear water proof mascara and i agree with you, it doesn’t feel raw after removing eye makeup or mascara.

  • Mia Kochka

    I use the Garnier make up remover wipes and I love them! They get everything off–even the waterproof mascara. And my face feels neither raw nor oily after using them which is so great. It’s especially good because it’s quick and easy which is good for someone (like me) who doesn’t want to put in too much effort even though it’s unhealthy to sleep with make up on. Also, they help before I take a shower so I don’t have raccoon eyes that are harder to get off.

  • Ana Anais Ramirez

    Costco gave away “samples” of these (a pack of 8 is more like a travel size in my book!), and I’ve loved these ever since! I took them with me on a recent trip to New York, and they do such a great job at removing makeup and city grime at the end of the day, for a nice, clean, fresh feeling all over my face.

  • Meredith Bagdazian

    I love these! They are the best!

  • Aamina Malik

    They are pretty good. I just wish they were smaller- I only wear eyeliner and mascara, no other makeup, so it feels like a waste to use a single wipe on my eyes only. Hmm….

  • Jamie Green

    So, at first I loved these little towelettes and praised them for their efficiency in removing makeup without leaving a slimy feeling that I get (and hate) from other facial products. However, I made the mistake of tossing the package into my purse with reckless abandon and low and behold when I took out my Burberry wallet that I had gotten as a gift from my long time boyfriend, the leather was badly stained. Beware!

  • Stefanie Sidler

    These are great. The hydrating ones are even better.

  • Laura Cunningham

    I took a couple packs of these along with me to Australia for 2 weeks, they were great and very handy UNTIL.. they started to almost burn my skin. My skin got dry, scratchy, and raw- and I dont have sensitive skin. Moral of the story- these are great… but don’t use too frequently!

  • Marianna

    Definitely put these in a ziploc bag if you’re going to travel with them. :)

  • Alison Matera

    These are amazing! They’re all I ever use!

  • Casey Parvin

    I love these! Plus they don’t require any water, which is fantastic!

  • Zhenya Hutson

    Plus they are now on sale at Target, so hurry up!

  • Shanna Price

    these are my fav face wipes! i don’t wear a lot of makeup so i cut the wipes in half

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