From, Work by E.V. Day

These mummified Barbies by installation artist and sculptor E.V. Day  take me back to my childhood, when I used to tear Barbies’ heads off and burn their hair.  Mummified with beeswax, twine and silver chrome flake, these babies run for $3,500 each at Grey Area.  Definitely not in anyone’s price range if you’re thinking about the economy right now, but because they made me squeal in delight upon seeing them, I am forever in love with the the feminist art of E.V. Day.

From, Work by E.V. Day

Her mummified Barbies represent how American female culture is so obsessed with “preserving (their) beauty”, by either using plastic surgery or botox (  And, ironically, as Day preserves these Barbies’ stereotypically perfect bodies, she playfully destroys their iconic images.

From, Work by E.V. Day

"Mummified Barbies" by E.V. Day

Other work by E.V. Day that I am totally in love with includes her “Exploding Couture” series in which she recreated  Marilyn Monroe’s dress from The Seven Year Itch to scale and ripped it to shreds, hanging it from the ceiling and floor.

"Bombshell" by E.V. Day

Her “Bride Fight” series is incredibly fierce and beautiful as well…

"Bride Fight" by E.V. Day

One day, when I can afford to exhibit such amazing art in my home (which might be never, but a girl can dream), I will choose E.V. Day as my first artist in residence.  And, if I could ever mummify Barbies with her, that would be cool too.

  • Emily Holbrook

    I definitely support the ideals that outer beauty is over emphasized in american culture, but I can not relate to the idea of ripping Barbie’s head off or burning her hair as a child…… to me that is just destructive…

  • Julia Gazdag

    Best IOTD ever!!! And desctructive, schmestructive, maiming Barbie was the most of having one.

    • Julia Gazdag

      *most fun

  • Bruce Lamesse

    The Barbies are rather amusing. Reminds me of my own mummification with masking tape of my G.I.Joe. He was a real G.I.Joe – a 12″ incher, not a 3 3/4″ re-issue. From being well played with, many of his joints were broken and his pilot jump suit was all that kept him together. In any case, I decided it was time to lay him to rest, so I carefully wrapped him in masking tape with a length of kitchen cord coming out of the wrappings at the small of his back, which I tied to a weight. I had decided he would receive, for his distinguished service, a burial at sea [Dalhousie Lake, where our family cottage was], and I wanted him to float horizontally a few feet above the lake floor to freak out any snorkelers that might have come across him – or so I liked to imagine. Most likely, since our lake was below a series of waterfalls and rapids [read: silt-filled], he probably just disappeared into the muck never to be seen again. Ah…fun times.

  • Michelle Maestas

    $3500?! I could do that myself with a roll of duct tape! I’m sorry, but I just don’t think that’s a great work of “art”!

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