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You know how some movies are so bad they’re good? Sometimes I see something so unnecessary that I decide it’s necessary. Spoiler: This iPhone case is necessary.

In a philosophy class I once took, my professor said that we should all be more present, and I think that I’d make him proud today by letting you know that I recently became very present to the fact that my pockets often feel lonely. While some might attribute this to the fact that very few millimeters stand between the fashion standard for toddler pockets and female garment pockets and thus even if I wanted to I couldn’t carry anything in them, I think I’m going to just say no. I reject that assumption, just like I reject the assumption that Rick Perry is human. My theory is that my pockets are lonely because I don’t have a monkey or skeleton case for my iPhone.

The reasons as far as I can see for the necessity of this case are threefold:

1. Everyone needs an iPhone case, as scratches on price-gouged communication devices are a very real concern.
2. This one is a great conversation piece — meaningful relationships are just waiting to be forged over this fantastic piece. … I think.
3. The lonely pocket phenomenon.

“She’s got 99 first-world problems but a lonely pocket isn’t one.” –Random people talking about future you.

You can order your new pocket pal for $24.99 at ThinkGeek.

Images via ThinkGeek.

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