Item of the Day: SOL Republic Relays Headphones

Okay, this is maybe a weird thing but I have strange ears. Whenever I have to use an inner ear piece for work it ALWAYS falls out (I’ve been told the insides of my ears are small, I guess? I’m not sure.) At any rate, I ALWAYS have trouble with my headphones.

But I got to try the SOL Republic Relays and they actually stay in! They’re also sweat and water proof so when I’m inevitably drenched in sweat at the gym after running a mile, the headphones still work perfectly and never slip.

If this were an infomercial, this is where you’d see black and white footage of me struggling to run while putting headphones back into my ears and then a shot of me running with no problem with these in. Just so you know.

I obviously got lemon-lime because it basically matches everything I own.

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Here are the deets!:

SOL REPUBLIC Relays ($79.99)

(Images via SOL Republic and one my own)

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