Item of the Day: Nike Free 3.0 V5 Running Sneakers

Alright, you guys know by now how much I love my running shoes. I can’t help it – I feel like comfort is the most important thing in life in all senses, and my feet definitely come at the top of that list. Plus, it’s spring, which means your s**t needs to get colourful to suit the weather, so it’s the perfect excuse to splash out on some new sneakers, right?

I’m a massive Nike fan – I know that doesn’t make me unique or anything, because everyone loves Nike, but still. They just make such quality products that I can’t help myself. Also, I discovered Six:02, a performance shopping site that – HELLO! – offers free shipping. So when I found they were selling the Nike 3.0 V5s in this AMAZING fuschia colour, that was it. Done for.

I’m actually wearing these sneakers right now as I write this, and if my phone wasn’t on the charger, I’d take a picture to upload and show you. They are adorable. They fit really well on my feet, provide tons of support and are comfortable to wear all day. I sometimes forget I’m wearing them.

Not much more to say besides that – they pretty much sell themselves, I think. Head over to Six:02 and grab yours for $114.99 – plus, if you check the homepage, there’s a discount code for $10 off any order over $30. SCORE.


  • Cait Rielly

    Make sure to get your running shoes professionally fitted (at a running store, not Dick’s). Nike frees are cute, but if you plan on doing any distance running, they might not be the best for you. Running with the wrong shoe can cause injuries!

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