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How To Do Italian Style

After doing French and British style, I’ve had many requests to do an illustrated how-to on Italian style. I have to admit, I’ve only been in Italy once, and only for one day, so I apologize in advance to all the Italians who might think I’ve got it completely wrong. Anyway, this is my interpretation of the Italian (life)style. What would you like to see next on illustrated how-tos? Feel free to let me know and have a good week!

  • Michele Falcone

    I studied abroad in Rome, Venice + Florence back in 2007. Definitely the best food + the gelato is insaaaaane [rice + corn were the best, believe it or not].


  • Marieke van Straaten

    Love it! 😀
    I wonder what your interpretation of Danish/Scandinavian style would look like :)

  • Allie Del Principe

    Where do you get the inspiration for your HG illustrations? I always look forward to these posts – you’re fantastic!

  • Ashley Hall

    Maybe because I was just there and it was a little chilly — but everyone was still in their winter wear! no feminine dresses but lots and lots of leather :) love it and miss roma already!

  • Ursula Victoria

    Perfect!! As an Italian-American I approve and think you nailed it!

  • Tirzah Beam

    Studying in Italy right now!!! Pretty much spot on, except the Italians only wear black. Only. Black.

  • Melanie Broussalian

    Italian style is actually more casual these days. No one’s walking around in sweats (if you do you may as well just be wearing a sign that says “American” on your head), but Italian fashion is definitely taking cues from American fashion circa 2010. Skinny jeans are insanely popular, as are sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas. Most kids are walking around in sneakers, and The North Face is HUGE. Everyone owns a puffy North Face coat to wear in the winter.

  • Giulia Passarin

    it’s a bit vintage italian… kinda vacanze romane…

  • Kelsey Michelle Wright

    Only thing missing is a pair of tights. Italian women (or any that live in Italy) know to cover them legs up lest they be hollered at relentlessly on their way to work. No matter the weather. It’s the bare legs that are the trademark of tourists.

  • Elisa Zonca

    i’m italian (sorry for my english) and now the “must have” in italy are leggings or skinny pants, t-shirt long like dresses and big bag. You show vintage dresses used only for holiday by middleage woman ^^

  • Aslı Kısacık

    Hi, I am not Italian but I have been to Italy manytimes and their style is definetely my favourite. You’ve pretty much nailed it with the accessories and heels but I guess nowadays it is skinny pants and a blazer. I agree with the comments; Black.. all black.

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