Is It Okay to Call A Pregnant Woman Fat If She's Kim Kardashian?Tori Coyne

I have always been on the fence about Kim Kardashian, but there’s one thing I know for sure: I find her shows ridiculously entertaining. I can admit that she may not have become famous because of a particular talent – okay, well, I guess that depends on what you consider talent. But people sure seem to love to hate on the girl.

Most recently, Kim has come under fire for her weight gain. The other day, I was actually in CVS and saw a magazine that said Kanye had “dumped her” for being 200 lbs. Other blogs are calling her “Shamu” and other horrible names for putting on the weight. But hello, people! She’s pregnant. Isn’t that one of the major bennies of a bun in the oven? You can eat for days and become as plump as you want and everyone has to bite his/her tongue because you’re creating a life.

So that raises the question: Is it okay to make fun of a pregnant woman if she is Kim Kardashian?

Okay, okay. So Kim can be super annoying… just like everyone else on the planet. But like I said above, I love her shows. I tune in almost every week and I laugh with – and sometimes at – the Kardashian family. Like my own, they are absolutely crazy.

People always poke fun at Kim because she likes to stick her nose in everyone’s business and she has a high-pitched voice. On top of that, she can come off as rather superficial and had a 72-day marriage following her 3-day long wedding special weekend. So I can see how someone might go, “Ugh, that no talent Kim Kardashian – why is everyone always talking about her?” Yeah, it’s mildly frustrating how famous these people have become for doing nothing other than having a reality TV show. So I can understand how people who don’t like her might find pleasure in pointing out her flaws. It’s only human!

Still, I don’t think anyone deserves to be mocked for his/her weight, whether they are Kim Kardashian, Mother Theresa or anyone else you can think of, especially if they are pregnant. I get how some people are obsessed with everything celebrity (because I’m one of those people) and want to know every detail about her baby bump and late-night cravings, but calling her fat is just wrong. I don’t care what she may have done in her past – she isn’t fat. (I mean, have you seen her latest Instagram?)And even more importantly, it’s just plain mean. I certainly wouldn’t want magazines making up false stories about my weight or relationship and then pasting an unflattering photo behind the big, yellow headline. So I don’t think Kim deserves it, either.

If you’re reading this and saying, “But she asked for it by being a reality TV star!” – I hear you. She did throw herself into the public eye, so maybe she shouldn’t complain about it. But whether or not you asked to be looked at, being called fat still hurts. (I mean come on, do you truly want the answer when you ask, “Does this dress make me look fat?”) I think she is taking the criticism rather well, actually.  I would be curled in a ball, eating Girl Scout cookies and hiding from the daylight.

And lastly, if you’re a Kim K hater, then just stop talking about her altogether. She’s only famous for being famous, so don’t make her more famous. I’m sure on some strange level her family loves all of this talk about her being overweight and a bad dresser, because then people like Ryan Seacrest want to give them two-hour, tell-all specials that she can promote on The Tonight Show. The best thing for the Kardashians is being talked about, so if you want her to go away, forget all about her.

Me? I can’t wait for their new season. And I don’t really care if Kim puts on some more weight or loses weight or shaves her head. My only real concern are those leather dresses, cause, honey, they cannot be comfortable!

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  • Monica Murphy

    Being overweight or obese is completely different from being pregnant. Shame on these magazines for being so cruel. It’s just another example of the message women get on a daily basis from society: “You are your body. When you’re not beautiful, we have no use for you.” Kim K. is not perfect, but she is someone’s mother. Take a book to CVS instead!

  • Claudia Franco

    It’s never right whether you like the person or not. It’s such a sensitive time and being in such scrutiny, whether you have thick skin or not, can get to anybody.

  • Fallon Kunz

    I am not particularly a fan of Kim’s, but I will say that she & her sisters have a pretty awesome looking clothing line that is available on home shopping channels. So she does actually have a talent. People should just be left alone about their weight-both celebrities and he rest of us. I grew up in a hyper-weight concious family and let me tell you, it affects me daily. In my opinion, the only person who should ever be allowed to comment on your weight is your doctor. And even they can be wrong. Everyone else can keep their opinion to themselves. You should stay stay at the weight that is physically and emotionally comfortable for your body.

  • Elizabeth Cusick Martinez

    I agree! I gained 72 pounds and I am 5’1. I was horrified and cried every time I went to the Dr. I have no idea how I gained that much weight in such a shot time either. I didn’t feel I was doing much different except I quit working at 6 months and probably didn’t get enough exercise. She will loose the weight when it is over. And she probably will be hired by weight watchers or Jenny Craig to do it. Not that I care about Kanya~ But did he really dump her? That would make him the ass I thought he was any way.

  • Fernanda Mariscotti

    The number of people who commented on this article using the words “flattering figure” when referring to Kim Kardashian’s outfit is the exact number of people who need to learn that ideals of beauty are socially-constructed and reconsider WHY they believe so strongly that other people should follow them 100% or even 0,0005% of the time.
    Also, fat-shaming is deeply rooted in the ideals of beauty that currently prevail in the US, so think about that when you’re telling other women they need to “FLATTER” their figure. Kims flattering her figure. By showing it. Regardless of your aversion of big stomachs.

  • Katrina Hanak

    I totally agree, the media (and others) like to hate on Kim, but its just making other women feel bad about themselves. As if the expectation to stay slim in today’s society isn’t enough, expecting it of pregnant women, who, given the hormonal changes that must be taking place (hello, they are growing a HUMAN BEING inside them) is just ridiculous. Pregnancy is supposed to be a beautiful and natural process which should not have to adhere to societies’ ideal weight.. Increasingly there’s this view that if a woman doesn’t fit into her size 0 skinny jeans 1 week after giving birth (like Victoria Beckham say), she’s just a greedy woman who has ‘let go.’ For example, the way the Indian media treated the Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for not losing her baby weight quickly enough (see: was shocking.
    In addition, articles titled like “Dumped at 200lbs” (above) are so shallow and negative, encouraging women to think they should care more about how men see them, than how they see themselves. Besides, if I were Kanye (and I hope this is the case), and a woman was giving me my own child, I’d be more concerned about her having a healthy pregnancy rather than caring about her starving herself to fit into her skinny jeans.

  • Rhonda Yearwood

    I am not a fan of Kim K, but she is pregnant and pregnant women gain weight. The public have ridiculous expectations on women in general in regards to the way we “should” look.
    Those making fun of her about this should just be quiet, for every pregnancy is a different experience for each woman.

  • Crystal Dawn Craig

    No one should be bullied, period. It’s never appropriate no matter if someone is pregnant or has some disability or not. Bullying is never OK. It doesn’t matter if it’s a celebrity or not because they’re people too with feelings and the media does a disservice to the public by showing these celebrities as objects really. That’s why people think it’s okay to talk badly about them and make fun of them because they see them as they’re portrayed in the media.
    This is probably how children have learned to bully people. They’ve seen their parents and older people make fun of these celebrities and they think it’s okay to bully people. No one deserves to be made fun of or bullied in any such way, and I don’t care who they are. Everyone deserves respect and the people who choose to make fun of others need to have respect for themselves also and demonstrate that they know how to treat other people. You can tell a lot about a person by the way he or she treats and talks about others.

    P.S. Personally, I choose to use the word fat as a describing word, not an insult. I am a fat person myself and I’ve learned that fat doesn’t have to be a bad word and it shouldn’t be. Skinny isn’t a bad word, why should fat be any different?

  • Alexandrea J. Wilson

    Yea I am not down at all for tearing someone else down-period. It’s problems like this that cause people to commit suicide or self medicate or hurt themselves. It’s just bullying-the grown up way-and I don’t like it.
    But then when you add in that she is pregnant, it’s even crazier that people are willing to do that to someone. :(

  • Ruby Nightingale

    It’s not ‘okay’ to criticize anybody’s body. I think the problem is not only with the harsh criticism and it’s implications (perfection standards), but with the word ‘fat’ and the fact that we have learnt to use this word synonymously with the words ‘ugly’ and ‘unworthy’. Fat is beautiful!! Pregnancy is beautiful!! Critical and judgmental attitudes are not.

  • Joanne Phyfer

    I think this says more about how warped celebrity culture is and how desperate the media is for sales than anything else. How utterly bizarre to pull the fat card on a pregnant woman? It’s tantamount to saying we value how you look more than the health of your unborn baby. Let’s be honest – Kim always had some mega sexy junk in her trunk, its not at all surprising that she put on some weight. Can we please value women for more than simply how they look?

  • Hans Johan Svensson

    Life in the tabloids. Truth or not? I don´t know. I never pay them much attention (apart from on hellogiggles).
    A pragnent woman is not made fat by being pragnent. Som get a few extra pounds/kilos.

  • Rod Shaft

    All you ladies need to realize that not one person worth a damn thinks that a pregnant woman is fat or unattractive. But she has chosen to live (and make millions on millions of dollars) in the insane world that is reality TV. Do not feel sorry for her, she is very happy being on the cover of every magazine no matter what the headline says.

  • Jennifer Brown

    It’s not ok to call anyone fat ever !

    • Cynthhia Maribel

      thank you!

  • Teresa Luna

    It is never ok to call anyone fat for any reason. All you haters need to just STOP. Damn and you wonder why our children bully each other in schools. Look at the examples you are setting. Stop and Think First!

  • Chrissy Donyel Beason

    I am 5 months pregnant & just because you are pregnant does not mean you can just sit around & eat all day everyday. 25 lbs is the normal average weight gain for someone who is pregnant. If you gain too much while pregnant it just becomes harmful to the baby & you. & If you are going to sit around and eat choose healthier alternatives.

    • Renata Renee Micatrotto

      25 lbs is actually the bottom of the recommended weight gain average. I am almost 6 months and let me tell you that you are extremely lucky if the day doesn’t come that you get on that doctors scale and almost pass out. I have changed nothing about my lifestyle and somehow gained 9 lbs in the last two weeks. Sometimes your body just does what it needs to do. NO ONE (least of all a fellow preggo) should be judging pregnant women. Everyones pregnancy is different, some easy and some extremely complicated and scary. I am always amazed by what people say on the internet, because they would never (and should never) say the same things in a persons presence.

    • Panda Olivera

      good job on making good life choices even at a stressful time! unfortunately, i believe that not all women have your control, and people have a predisposition to stress-eat during hard times.. that being said i think the point of the post is that we shouldn’t bully people! even if they make poor choices in life.

  • Krystal Lynn Zeogas

    omg THANK YOU. its never ok to call someone fat even if their not preggo. its their life, leave them alone. people need to worry about your own damn selves and leave everyone els alone. poor girl. she looks fine…

  • Amy Laker

    I am currently pregnant and only a couple of weeks behind Kim K in my pregnancy, so naturally I can’t help but notice all the recent stories about her and compare my pregnancy with hers. I have to tell you, being pregnant is hard! I couldn’t imagine being as uncomfortable as I am now and still managing to look as glam as she does every time I see her. I am most definitely NOT a fan of the Kardashians normally however as a fellow pregnant woman who is trying to deal with the insanely dramatic and traumatic changes your body goes through during this time, I feel really defensive on her behalf. Also the amount of weight you put on during pregnancy is genetic and for the most part can’t be helped. KK has always been a curvy girl so why is everyone suddenly so surprised that she has gained a few? When I look at her I think “Wow, she looks like a healthy pregnant woman who still manages to look fashionable.” I can barely be bothered to put on make up most days!

  • Markos Christodoulides

    I agree with the article (very well written by the way). However I do wish to point out that the clothes that she wears do not do her ANY benefit whatsoever. It’s hard not to notice her derrière when she is flaunting around in tight leather dresses and skirts. Whatever happened to maternity wear? Do not tell me they cannot afford a new wardrobe for the 9 months that she is pregnant. Now if she had asked me the question, “Does this dress make me look fat?”, I’m sorry to say but I would have to say YES. Not in a malicious way… but someone has to stop her from wearing those god forsaken clothes.

  • Isabella Ellison

    No one should be called fat end of. There is never a good enough excuse for it. I don’t care who they are, fat chubby any of these words are all a form of bulling. How can we teach kids not to bully at school if as adults we do it to.

    Every one needs to look in the mirror rather then pointing out others flaws because NO ONE IS FLAWLESS!!!!!!!

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