Is It Okay to Call A Pregnant Woman Fat If She's Kim Kardashian?

I have always been on the fence about Kim Kardashian, but there’s one thing I know for sure: I find her shows ridiculously entertaining. I can admit that she may not have become famous because of a particular talent – okay, well, I guess that depends on what you consider talent. But people sure seem to love to hate on the girl.

Most recently, Kim has come under fire for her weight gain. The other day, I was actually in CVS and saw a magazine that said Kanye had “dumped her” for being 200 lbs. Other blogs are calling her “Shamu” and other horrible names for putting on the weight. But hello, people! She’s pregnant. Isn’t that one of the major bennies of a bun in the oven? You can eat for days and become as plump as you want and everyone has to bite his/her tongue because you’re creating a life.

So that raises the question: Is it okay to make fun of a pregnant woman if she is Kim Kardashian?

Okay, okay. So Kim can be super annoying… just like everyone else on the planet. But like I said above, I love her shows. I tune in almost every week and I laugh with – and sometimes at – the Kardashian family. Like my own, they are absolutely crazy.

People always poke fun at Kim because she likes to stick her nose in everyone’s business and she has a high-pitched voice. On top of that, she can come off as rather superficial and had a 72-day marriage following her 3-day long wedding special weekend. So I can see how someone might go, “Ugh, that no talent Kim Kardashian – why is everyone always talking about her?” Yeah, it’s mildly frustrating how famous these people have become for doing nothing other than having a reality TV show. So I can understand how people who don’t like her might find pleasure in pointing out her flaws. It’s only human!

Still, I don’t think anyone deserves to be mocked for his/her weight, whether they are Kim Kardashian, Mother Theresa or anyone else you can think of, especially if they are pregnant. I get how some people are obsessed with everything celebrity (because I’m one of those people) and want to know every detail about her baby bump and late-night cravings, but calling her fat is just wrong. I don’t care what she may have done in her past – she isn’t fat. (I mean, have you seen her latest Instagram?)And even more importantly, it’s just plain mean. I certainly wouldn’t want magazines making up false stories about my weight or relationship and then pasting an unflattering photo behind the big, yellow headline. So I don’t think Kim deserves it, either.

If you’re reading this and saying, “But she asked for it by being a reality TV star!” – I hear you. She did throw herself into the public eye, so maybe she shouldn’t complain about it. But whether or not you asked to be looked at, being called fat still hurts. (I mean come on, do you truly want the answer when you ask, “Does this dress make me look fat?”) I think she is taking the criticism rather well, actually.  I would be curled in a ball, eating Girl Scout cookies and hiding from the daylight.

And lastly, if you’re a Kim K hater, then just stop talking about her altogether. She’s only famous for being famous, so don’t make her more famous. I’m sure on some strange level her family loves all of this talk about her being overweight and a bad dresser, because then people like Ryan Seacrest want to give them two-hour, tell-all specials that she can promote on The Tonight Show. The best thing for the Kardashians is being talked about, so if you want her to go away, forget all about her.

Me? I can’t wait for their new season. And I don’t really care if Kim puts on some more weight or loses weight or shaves her head. My only real concern are those leather dresses, cause, honey, they cannot be comfortable!

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  • Alle Connell

    Is it okay? No. No, it is not okay. You can hate on basically any Kardashian for the bonehead things they say, the loonball things they choose to wear, the unsafe diets they promote, or the fact that they’re famous without what we’d traditionally consider “talent.”

    But no, it’s not okay to hate on a person’s body while she’s pregnant. Really it shouldn’t be okay to ridicule ANY person’s body at ANY time, but since this is the tabloid media we’re talking about here, let’s try this one small step first. You’re not in charge of how your body changes while you are growing a whole new person inside it, and it’s not a moral failing to gain weight during the process.

    And I’m sure there’s going to be at least one person who says “But gaining THAT MUCH WEIGHT isn’t healthy,” so in advance: You cannot tell whether someone is healthy by looking at them, and you are not her doctor. So your opinion on her weight, like ALL opinions about a stranger’s weight, should probably be kept to yourself.

    And I cannot believe I spent five minutes defending Kim Kardashian. I guess the tabloids treatment of stuff like this makes me roll my eyes harder than anything the Kardashian/Jenner family has ever done.

  • Laura Wanggaard

    THANK YOU! I agree utterly and completely. I think this is such a crock. Really? Body image regarding pregnancy should be “showing and glowing” and NOTHING else. What are we saying about body image to younger kids.
    “Well, Susie, According to society, you are allowed to gain the 8 lbs 4 oz’s that will be your child, then after you give birth, you are expected to be back to that impossible size 2 in 6 weeks just like the supermodels….”
    REALLY????? Women NEED to gain weight to bear a healthy child and it’s NOT ok for people to shun ANYONE for that fact. If she were too small, they’d be whining that she didn’t care for her unborn.
    When she gives birth, if her body bounces back in a few weeks, it’ll be unbeliveable and such a triumph, How about the fact that she just did something amazing? She had a baby, for crying out loud. The fact that this is in print for millions to read makes me want to rip all of the tabloids off the shelves. I surely won’t support them by buying them, and haven’t for years. But now, EVEN SEEING the headlines makes me want to rip them up so that no confused young girl sees that and decides that she needs to eat only celery because she believes herself to be shunned upon gaining baby weight.

    What a crock. This whole issue has me so mad, and angry and frustrated. NO ONE deserves what she’s going through. NO ONE.

  • Tatiana Velásquez-Carvajal

    It’s not okay, it’s never okay, pregnant or not, to make fun of anybody because of how they look or how much they weigh. But I’m not about to feel sorry for Kim Kardashian.

  • Elizabeth Fallon

    I don’t think she would have looked good not pregnant in that dress, or pretty much ANYTHING she’s worn since being knocked up. I really think none of these issues would arise if she just flattered her figure. No in like empire line dresses to hide it either, just nice maternity clothes that suit her and her shape.

  • Anna Galvis

    i’m colombian,,, and i know that america is the fattest country on earth, so , for my it’s pretty funny read that the people,, from america,, call kim “shammu”, and she is pregnat , so….
    in my country we have a phrase for this cases..”.donkey talknig of ears”

  • Lauren Byrd

    I definitely don’t think it’s okay. I’m pregnant myself with my first child. Honestly, it’s one of the weirdest times ever. Even if you are at the recommended weight gain by your doc or midwife- it’s crazy weird. My body is changing in so many crazy ways and changing so fast- my stomach is growing daily. Even though it’s awesome, it’s also a little… freaky. Hell no, we should not be making fun of pregnant people or calling them fat. It’s not just a baby that weight is going to: uterus, amniotic fluid, increased blood flow, and larger breasts are all part of it.

    I’m ambivalent on Kim. Don’t watch her show, don’t love her, don’t hate her. But body shaming a pregnant lady? Seriously America? It’s time to have real conversations about weight, if that’s what you want to discuss. Not what is passing for that right now. (And my guess is that Kim is going to one helluva expensive OB who will be honest with her about what she needs to do to have a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy.)

  • Valerie Lynn White

    People love to hate her, but regardless of those opinions, if I could be paid what she is paid to stand around and be beautiful, I would do it in a heartbeat. The truth is, most people are just jealous. If these Kardashian women were not incredibly savvy, smart business women as well, do you think they would still be around? No.

    On the weight issue, not everyone can look like Heidi Klum while pregnant. Not everyone can look like Kim K., for that matter, but pregnancy affects women’s bodies differently. No one has the right to call her fat. And it is ridiculous that it even gets printed.

    Although, I have to admit, it is fun to see a celebrity struggle with a real life issue once in a while.

  • Meghan Kauf

    shes pregnant! I myself love tuning into the Kardashians just because they make my family look less crazy. I love her and her attitude. She did not get to where is she is at today by just sitting on her ass. She is a smart business woman and knows how the business world works. If you are not heard of then (not just locally) you really aren’t going to do much. Her family has been in the spot light for years. People need to lay off of her and her weight gain. At least we all know one thing! Her child will be born HEALTHY and that is all that matters. And if Kayne did leave her for her weight then he is a pig and doesn’t deserve her. She will just have to work a little harder to get her pre-pregnancy body back after the little one is here. But we all know that Kim K. can do it.

  • Lindsay Skaff

    NOT ok! It is never acceptable to call a woman Shamu or ridicule her for her weight in a public forum, especially when she’s pregnant. Whether you love or hate Kim K., she is still a person and still has feelings.

  • Amber Hummel

    It is NEVER ok to refer to any woman or man as fat especially a pregnant woman! That magazine is disgusting for thinking it is ok to criticize any human for anything. It is a form of bullying trying to shame someone because of their size!

  • Catrina Terese

    Great article! I agree, it’s not okay to make fun of a women for gaining weight while she’s pregnant. The only person that should ever say anything about a pregnant women’s weight is her doctor. Even if you don’t like the pregnant women you don’t deserve to make fun of her for being pregnant. Pregnancy changes a lot of things, especially physically and the last thing any women needs is to be called fat by a bunch of tabloids that bank on things going wrong!

  • Pew Mew Clark

    It’s not nice to say that but just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you should eat everything in site. It’s not healthy for the baby. Also, she is probably used to being made fun of, she is a celebrity. That doesn’t make it right, but she is a celebrity and all her personal life is all over the media and that is how she makes her money so people are going to say what they want.

  • Sean Johnstone

    Nobody should be made fun of when there pregnant,people need to grow up a bit,it what lifes about.

  • Samantha Flanagan

    It’s actually important that women put on a certain amount of weight while preggo. With all the hormone fluctuations, expectant mothers are at an incredibly vulnerable point in their lives. I’m surprised that we put up with the heinous and shameful way popular media treats women. There are a lot of little girls out there without positive role models in their lives who are being bombarded by unrealistic and unhealthy definitions of beauty. When will we say that enough is enough?

    I think we need to take this as the wake up call that it is. A few weeks ago, CNN was sympathizing with RAPISTS rather than supporting the teenage victim. And wasn’t it just a little while ago that the Onion was calling Quvenzhane Wallis (a nine year old girl) the “c word”? And now, it’s fine to speak abusively about a pregnant woman as long as you pick one who is disliked as much as she is popular?

    When did treating women with basic respect and dignity become optional? And why are we putting up with it?

  • Maria De Miguel Acuña

    I can’t believe people still make fun of pregnant women. Guess what? Women put waight on when they get pregnant. All OF THEM. Some put less, some put more. Pregnancy doesn’t make any diference between “celebrities and mortals”, you know. I’m not a fan of any of the Kardashians, but making fun of a woman cause she put weight on during her pregnancy is first disgusting, second childish and just plain stupid.

  • Lisa Kopec

    I’m not sure why people think being pregnant is a free pass to eat whatever you want. You are growing a human inside of you. Why would you feed your baby processed foods/bleached wheats, etc. If i was pregnant I would only eat foods that nourish the little person, not pump them full of chemicals. You’re expected to gain weight when pregnant- but is the majority of KK’s weight gain from housing a holy vessel, or is it the end result of Krisy Cream?

    • Ally Neal

      I honestly believe that it is no one else’s business what a pregnant woman does or does not eat. It’s not YOUR body, it’s Kim’s. Why are you criticizing her eating choices when all people are going off of it what the trash mags say? Just because she gained weight during pregnancy, does not give people a free pass to criticize her and belittle her choices.

    • Amber Allen

      Sometimes, when you’re pregnant (especially between weeks 8 and 14, from my experience) you’re happy if you want to eat anything. So when you think “Man I could REALLY go for a Krispy Kreme right now” you eat that thing like its going out of style, because chances are its the only think you’ll keep down all day.

    • Richard Cadman

      Now that reads like someone who’s never been pregnant before…or someone who has a poor memory…

    • Sarah DeAnn Paulsen

      Yes, you should want to be healthy for your baby, but more times than not all those superfoods leave you on your knees hugging the toilet. I eat popcorn like crack while pregnant because it works. I have an entire box of gingersnap cookies in my purse because nibbling on them ensures I don’t throw up at work. Yes, I cut out caffeine and I started consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables, but when you get a craving for something like a Krispy, it’s a heavenly mental break from the constant nausea, the night sweats, the bloating, the mood swings, the fatigue, and the headaches.

  • Amber Allen

    Apparently its okay to make fun of a pregnant woman if she’s any sort of public figure, no matter how public or known.

    They did the same thing to Jessica Simpson didn’t they? Claiming she was putting on too much weight?

    Hell, I sell garments in an alternative fashion substyle, and at 14 weeks pregnant I’d put on around 12lbs and was called a whale for it. Apparently because I’m overweight already even putting on a pound was considered terrible, despite being pregnant. Granted, I had put on more than suggested by my doctor, but I also went from a zero fast-carb diet to including whole grains AND going off metformin at the same time.

    Point is, is you’re on the internet or in the media, regardless of your birthing status, you’re going to get called fat by someone. Its not like Kim Kardashian is special in this regard.

  • Michelle Grove Shaffer

    I care less about the weight gain (pregnant women should gain weight…within reason, of course, but it’s just an effect of being pregnant) than the ridiculous clothing she chooses to wear while pregnant. Flattering maternity clothes do exist…she’s just making the (horrible) choice not to wear them.

    • Colleen Sweeney

      I agree. Pregnancy equals weight gain, but Kim is choosing the wrong clothing. Her sister wore flattering clothes throughout her two pregnancies, and no one made fun of her. It could be a mixture of the two: her lifestyle choices and how she’s choosing to highlight her pregnancy.

  • Erin O’Neill

    I’m plus size and have been called Shamu before – it hurts. I can tell you exactly what I was wearing that day, even though it was probably 20 years ago – and I looked cute in my black and white dress. (I never wore it again.) When I saw the Kim/Shamu photo, I cringed. NO ONE should ever be ridiculed like that. NO ONE.

    And you know what? She can wear whatever maternity clothes she wants – how does it hurt you? How does it affect your life? It doesn’t. There were comments talking about how she needs to choose flattering maternity clothes – personally, I think if she feels pretty in them, she can rock on. Pregnancy is not the easiest time in the world – she should be allowed to wear whatever makes her feel good.

  • Richard Cadman

    And this is why celebrity culture is a cancer

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