Inventory is a project designed to feature strong, beautiful, creative and inspiring people who have an interesting story to tell. This series gives the HelloGiggles readers an inside and intimate look at the lives of the subjects, through everyday objects that hold importance and have meaning.

You might know Erika from her role as Julia Braverman Graham on Parenthood, or any of the amazing other roles she’s done. Case in point: Swimfan, Traffic, The Perfect Score, and just when you think she can’t get any cooler, she lends her voice to the hysterical Robot Chicken.

All that aside, Erika is down to earth and naturally gorgeous. She was so unbelievably kind and gracious, and most of all, she was really interesting and willing to share her favorite things with us.

Do you have any of the same “favorites” as Erika Christensen?

All images by Duane Fernandez.

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