Introducing ‘We Heart', the HelloGiggles shop!

Dearest Gigglers,

The site has been live for six months now! Happy anniversary! :) It’s because of all of you that we’ve been so successful and are able to continue sharing giggles, so THANK YOU!! We’re super grateful for your continued support!

As a special treat, HelloGiggles is proud to present our HelloGiggles shop, We Heart! While still in the initial stages, this area will feature items we truly love (and think you will, too) and will be continuously updated.

In addition, you can now buy THREE special edition HelloGiggles t-shirts in We Heart, made in collaboration with Busted Tees! Check it out!

We look forward to hearing more from our wonderful Gigglers – we love reading what you send, so make sure to keep sending your submissions and ideas our way!

Happy November!

Sophia, Molly, Zooey and the HelloGiggles team!

  • Abigail Aguisanda

    totes adding this to my xmas wishlist. gotta start the new year with HG swag!

  • Zelina Garza

    on my christmas list too.

  • Mackenzie Barrow Warren

    hellogiggles has been around EXACTLY as long as I’ve been married (and I’ve been following you guys for almost as long)!! so many reasons to celebrate! happy six month-iversary!

  • Sarah H

    ooh – just in time for my birthday! 😀

  • Autumn Kieft

    Wish the shirts were available in plus sizes :( Please remember that women come in more than S, M and L.

  • Zareen Syed

    YES! I might wanna find a job before i decide on getting obsessed with hellogiggles merch. Oops too late. :)

  • Lindsey Lee Taylor

    i need tote bags guys!!!! reusable grocery bags!

    i’m not yelling; just excited!

  • Sarah Lippens

    more sizes please! SML is not a size range for most people.

  • Michelle Ocampo Togores

    You look all so CUTE in this shirt..esp Zooey! Can I put this or promote this on my blog?


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