Introducing the Postcard Project and Episode 6

Hi! We’re thrilled to introduce you to the HelloGiggles launch of The Postcard Project, a weekly web series between two best friends recently separated by a cross-country move, trying our best to keep in touch.

Each week, we film moments from our lives on opposite coasts, and edit the footage into a “video postcard” that we surprise each other with every Monday. Watch this introduction to get a taste of this project:

This is our 6th week into the project, but you can see past few postcards on YouTube and here.

This week’s Postcard, City Lightsis from Meryl to Marina. Amidst a string of busy days, Meryl shares her favorite moments amongst the chaos of New York City, remembering to have some fun along the way!

Music by Gutter Parties. For more, visit:

Want to try making a video postcard with you friends? We’d love to see you learn some basic film-making & exercise your creativity by making video postcards for your friends. Here’s how:

1. Shoot video footage of whatever strikes you interesting during your week. You can use any camera you have, an iPod, phone, digital camera, or even your computer’s built-in camera.

2. Upload the footage to your computer and, using any video editing software, piece it together into a story about your week.  Putting music behind it will surely help you cut the footage together. Find music you can use here and here. (*Note: if you don’t have editing software, that’s okay! Try making a one-take postcard using your built-in camera.)

3. Inspired by the footage you see, write a brief postcard-sized letter to your friend with a story you’d like to share with them that matches your video. Then, either record the letter as a voice-over and layer it on top of the video, OR incorporate it as subtitled text over the footage.

4. Review it, make any final tweaks, and export your video into a .mov or .mp4 file. Voila!

You can then e-mail the video to your friend, and submit your video to us through YouTube or send videos to We’ll post our favorites here each week!

We hope that you enjoy our postcards and tune in each Monday to check them out, and as soon as we start getting yours we’ll be posting them at the end of each week!

With love,

Meryl & Marina

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