Photograph by Jeremy Cowart

What happens when three entrepeneruial women put their heads together?  As Meg Ryan said in French Kiss, “Maybe something… a little bit… like zis!”

Photograph by Jeremy Cowart

Diamond Gothic began as a short narrative written one bored & rainy evening in Wilmington, North Carolina where I was filming the final season of One Tree Hill.  If you know me at all, you know I have a MILLION balls in the air and the idea of starting a new project wasn’t even an option.  But if I could collaborate… I thought…  And within a few days, the concept of a rotating internet novel was born!

Without hesitation, the HelloGiggles team outstretched a hand to help a fellow sista.  They introduced me to the lovely and hilarious JC Coccoli, who I knew would lend a playful and smart-as-a-whip voice to the story and, for another unique voice, I approached long-time galpal, actress & writer Abigail Spencer to be our third authoress.  I sent out chapter one and said, “Let’s play!”

Thus began months of improvisational writing, each author “yes, and”-ing the author before her, no one of us knowing what will happen next.  Each chapter is approximately 3 pages long– just enough to wet your palate and keep you coming back for more.

In case you were wondering, Diamond Gothic is set in 1929 Savannah, Georgia.  The story revolves around the ingenue (or is she?) Annabell Mason-Hayworth.  At 18, she has all the privilege a young girl of southern comfort ought to have.  She’s terribly excited to finally be a woman and to show-off her new womanly-ness to any boy who’s keen to notice.  But this year’s annual stay at the Mason’s summer home in Savannah will bring about much more than new romance.  A marriage is crumbling, a faithful friend is hiding a deep secret, an old nemesis returns– as does a handsome troublemaker, there are buried family secrets just dying to be unlocked and murder is in the thick, southern air…


Stay tuned next week to and HelloGiggles for the launch build up, including a “Gatsby Bracelet” from Jewelmint giveaway, jewelry box signed by the authors! Then, check HELLOGIGGLES on Sunday, MARCH 11, 2012 to read the first two chapters of DIAMOND GOTHIC!

  • Fan BJoy Galeotti TeamBjg

    Hey ladies, I can’t wait for the first chapter of Diamond Gothic and even more after reading the fourth paragraph of this article ! I’m really curious to discover more about Annabell Hayworth and her story who seems to be really interesting !
    I can’t wait to be a Sunday even if it’s the end of my holidays, haha !
    Three fabulous authoresses reunite together for a rotating novel is just an amazing idea ! I can’t wait to read your job ladies !
    Xoxo, Emeline from France
    @FanBJoyGaleotti on Twitter

  • Jyoti Mistry

    Can’t wait for the first chapter to drop today! I’m really intrigued to see how we will be introduced to everything, and how it’s going to begin. It’s a great idea!

  • Mariangela Pinto

    Hi girls, I thought you pretty ladies would love to see this photoshot for a magazine of UK, the issue is about the 20’s and just saw the pictures came to mind Annabell, the title of the photos is The Roaring Twenties: was a time like no other… a revolutionary period for woman sociaty and fashion…the link to the scans is I hope you enjoy as much as I xoxo from Venezuela :)

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