Interview with Sara Schaefer, Co-Host of MTV's First Female Late Night Talk Show

Sara Schaefer is 5’10” with killer gams. She’s smart and funny too. It’s almost intimidating until she smiles. Schaefer – a native of Richmond, Virginia – is so sincere and kind-natured, you just know this broad had great parents. After 12 years of performing comedy in New York City, Schaefer landed the job co-hosting the first female late night talk show in MTV history.  The show’s format, designed by Schaefer and her co-host comedian Nikki Glaser, is set to turn the TRL studio into a groundbreaking late night event. The Nikki and Sara Show debuts on MTV in 2013. Get ready to watch the girls and their celebrity guests take late night laughter to the next level. Until then, follow her on Twitter @SaraSchaefer1 or check out her website here.

We chatted with Schaefer in Brooklyn about what chicks need to know, going viral and how great friendships are formed.

Shot with love and edited with magic by Erik Erickson  and Lauren Mooney @Djshowpony


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