Interview with "My Friends Are Married"

“My friends are getting married and I’m just 25 and drunk.”

It’s a Tumblr account that I feel could very well have been inspired by me – particularly as I too am 25, single and spent the last weekend chugging cocktails – which is the beauty behind myfriendsaremarried, a Tumblr devoted to what it’s like to be a single person in a room rapidly filling with Noah’s Ark pairings through a series of hilarious scenarios and spot-on gif images. But before you think this is a site devoted to a pity party for one, think again. The fearless (and requesting to remain anonymous) founder behind the Tumblr conducted an interview with me today, talking about how #myfriendsaremarried came to be, what her married friends think of the site, and what advice she’d give women everywhere if she had a loudspeaker that could reach all the single ladies (all the single ladies…)

Heather Taylor: What was your biggest inspiration behind creating this Tumblr account?

My Friends Are Married: I had moved from DC to North Carolina around the beginning of the summer, and was shocked by how much the dynamic with my friends changed from a young and single crowd in DC to a young and married crowd in NC.  I’ve watched most of my friends from high school settle down and get married over the past 2 years, so moving back into that was a huge culture shock, and I just felt so left behind in, well, life.  So, after a long and painful night of Googling self-help websites, I decided this was the best thing for me to do with my free time. The real story is I was planning a night out with a few girls and one of them said to me “I hope that bar isn’t too loud and crowded.”  I just sat there and thought to myself “Holy Christ, we are 25 years old… no bar should be too loud or too crowded!”  That’s where I kind of found my void on the internet, because there was nothing out there laughing at people who had already settled down when you’re still making out with randoms after one too many whiskey gingers.  There’s nothing wrong with being 25 and married, but there’s nothing wrong with feeling like you’re at least 10 years out from staying anything close to sober on a Saturday night.  So the biggest inspiration was a loud and crowded bar, yes.

HT: Are any of the “scenarios” inspired by real life stuff that you’ve seen whether on Facebook or in real life?

MFAM: Most of the scenarios are very real.  I do get a lot of submissions that are hilarious, and I use those, but the ones posted by me are probably 75-80% inspired by real life, whether by my actual married friends or my friends with boyfriends. Destination wedding? Yes. Seven weddings in one weekend? Yes. Six engagements in one week? Yes. I think the most truthful are the posts about drinking.  The post about getting drunk at lunch on a Thursday went up maybe two days after one too many Matchbox punches with a good friend.  And just wait to see what goes up this week after this weekend, oh boy.  If you were to ask my friends what the most truthful post out there is, it’s “When my friend tells me men are scared of me because I wear so much eyeliner.”  I get told this at least once a month.  Nothing wrong with a little cat-eye!

HT: How do you decide what to write about each day?

MFAM: Most of the time I usually have 30-40 posts queued at a time, so I’ll usually sit down once a week and do about 25 new posts.  But I’m pretty good at writing any ideas and inspirations from friends and things I see when they happen, so I usually pull from a long list of things I’ve thought of over the past few weeks, or things my friends have thrown at me.  When choosing what to go up, it’s whatever makes me laugh each day, which is always something different. 

HT: How has the reception been toward the Tumblr account – mostly positive or do you get a bunch of anonymous haterade emailed to you?

MFAM: I haven’t received a single hate email, which has been awesome and shocking at the same time.  There were a few negative comments on the Huffington Post article, but I think any negative posts were rooted in a lack of understanding that everything is meant to be funny.  My favorite emails are responses from visitors that just say “I’m 22 and drunk!” or “I’m 31 and drunk.”  I LOVE those.  People send me a lot of great stories too, which I love reading.  I’ve even gotten a few marriage proposals, so as of now I’m engaged to about 34 different men.

HT: Do your friends, both married and single, know about it? How has their reaction been to the site?

MFAM: All of my friends know, yes, and I’ve been very open on my Facebook about this being my Tumblr.  I haven’t really gotten anything but positive reception from my friends, even from those who are engaged or married.  I do have a married friend or two who have been upset by a few posts, so there’s been some damage control done.  I hope they understand that yes, sometimes they drive me insane but I love them deeply, even in all their married girl glory.  Then there’s the opposite.  One of my best friends got married a little over a year ago and texts me all the time like “My husband and I are playing monopoly on Friday night… can you make that a post?”  She’s great.  She even told me she was pregnant by saying “So one of your Tumblr posts is true, I’m pregnant.”  The reaction was allegedly very similar to the gif.

HT: What’s your most popular post?

MFAM: The most popular post has been “When my friend says men are intimidated by me” with the Beyonce gif.  It’s funny because it’s always the ones I least expect that are the most popular.  “When I’m texting a guy and there’s a long pause before he replies” and any of the posts about Facebook photos and engagements have all been super popular as well.

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