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Attention grads! These are the internships that are most likely to turn into jobs

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Class of 2017: You’re probably getting to that point where you can see the end of the sleep-class-work-homework-repeat rainbow and thinking about what’s next, right? Well, the good news is there is an awesome list of the internships most likely to land you a full-time job, according to data collected from your favorite professional social-media app and mine, LinkedIn.

The list is made up of industries, not companies — which is great news for someone who doesn’t reside in a big city and may not be able to realistically move across country to intern at a big company.

“In today’s competitive job market it’s hard to land a full-time job right out of college, but getting an internship can give you the experience needed to get an edge in your future job search,” LinkedIn said.

The LinkedIn study analyzed profiles of users who were students, had summer internships, and then clinched full-time opportunities following said internships.

Drum roll, please! The top industries for keeping interns on board are…

1. Accounting: 55 percent (meaning, 55 percent of interns are retained after the duration of the internship)

2. Semiconductors: 43 percent

3. Management consulting: 38 percent

4. Computer software: 36 percent

5. Civil engineering: 34 percent

6. Information technology and services: 33 percent

7. Internet: 33 percent

8. Aviation and aerospace: 32 percent

9. Defense and space: 32 percent

10. Retail: 32 percent

That’s a pretty wide variety of workforce possibilities, if you ask us!

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