Milk and Cookies and an Instant Movie

Instant TV Show: Mad Men

With all the new shows premiering, this week’s edition of Milk & Cookies and an Instant Movie will be an Instant TV Show! Yes, it’s an exciting week for television and when I think of exciting television, one show that comes to mind is Mad Men. The new season of Mad Men doesn’t start until early 2012, so you have plenty of time to watch the first four seasons and become thoroughly obsessed. I will warn you, though – you’ll get hooked. You’ll watch, like, ten episodes in one day. You’ll talk about Mad Men as much as possible with as many people as possible. It’s going to take over your life… in a good way! What to expect from your trip back in time to Madison Ave.:

  1. Don Draper is one sexy leading character. For some reason, when the very lovely Jon Hamm puts on that suit and slicks his hair back while drinking some man-drink, I can’t help but melt.
  2. FASHION! If ever there was ever a show with astounding costumes, it’s this one. The women all look perfectly chic while all the men look neat and polished. It’s the vintage lover’s dream wardrobe! Plus, it inspired me to buy sweater clips!
  3. It’s not all eye candy ladies, this show will also make you smarter. YES, SMARTER. How? By working in historical facts. My IQ has never been higher.
  4. Dare I say this show is both male and female friendly? Yes, watch with everyone (you know, grown ups) and hey, why not throw a Mad Men theme party?
  5. Can you really deny watching a show that has won Emmys four years in a row?
So think of this: How about we make 1 day out of the week Mad Men night? It’s a great excuse to snuggle up with your honey and feed each other cookies while watching some seriously good drama!
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