Milk and Cookies and an Instant Movie

Instant Movie: ‘The Baxter' (2005)

Michael Showalter stars in one of my favorite romantic Indie comedies of the 2000s, The Baxter. What exactly is a Baxter? According to this fun flick, it’s a guy that gets left behind at the altar. Imagine this, marrying the girl of your dreams, seeing her walk down the aisle in a gorgeous white gown and feeling like everything is finally going to fall into place. Two seconds later, the very handsome ex-boyfriend bursts into the ceremony and declares his love for your soon-to-be wife and because every girl wishes something like that would really happen, she leaves you at the altar for the ex. That’s exactly what happens here, to know what happens next you’ll have to watch and see! You’ll also find:

  1. Michelle Williams stars as the mousy but cute underdog, Cecil.
  2. If your wife left you at the altar for another man, he’d better be exceptional…in this case, he is! See Justin Theroux as the dreaded wife-stealing ex!
  3. If you’re shy and a little scared of dating, you’ll definitely relate. I know I can see myself being a Baxterette!
  4. Check out the soundtrack, because it’s an Indie it’s bound to have Indie music like one of my favorite artists, Rufus Wainwright!
  5. Lastly, watch because any movie that Paul Rudd makes an appearance in is worth watching.

So, let’s not feel sorry for ourselves this weekend. Let’s feel bad for someone else while we wait for our very own happy ending to come. Make sure you have warm milk and cookies to keep you company!

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