Milk and Cookies and an Instant MovieInstant Movie: ‘That Thing You Do!'Myrna Valadez

When I was in high school, I thought about starting a band with my friends so we can hang out, make music and avoid getting real jobs because, of course, the whole point was to become a rock star. That never happened and in a way, I’m grateful. I have great friends that have I’ve been lucky enough to have in my life since I was a kid and I would hate to ever be in a situation where our friendship was in jeopardy. Which brings me to this week’s Instant Movie pick, That Thing You Do! (1996) This movie is a little heartbreaking, pretty realistic and a whole lot of fun! So watch because you’ll find:

  1. Tom Everett Scott as the adorable drummer in the fictional band, The Wonders, who wears his trademark sunglasses in every performance. He’s pretty much too cute for words.
  2. Liv Tyler as the beautiful girl next door, Faye, who happens to be dating a grade A jerk. Doesn’t it seem to always happen that way?
  3. It seems like the ’60s were an epic time for fashion, so you should expect to see lots of great fashion pieces. (Keep an out of Charlize Theron’s character!)
  4. The hit single from the movie, also called ‘That Thing You Do!’ will get stuck in your head. Trust me, I still catch myself humming it every now and then!
  5. Lastly, the lesson you’ll learn: sometimes you don’t know the people closest in your life at all.

This week, treat yourself to a great flick and some iced oatmeal cookies (because my friend Oliver keeps talking about them) and giant glass of milk. Enjoy this film with those closest to you and I promise you’ll have a blast!

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  • Ali Golightly

    plus steve zahn is hilarious and ethan embry is adorable.

  • Izzi Triggs

    I have had “that thing you do” stuck in my head for about a week now i watched it for the first time with my parents it is joke! <3 xxx

  • Samantha Wardle

    omg this movie is sooo under-rated!!! absolutely love it!

  • Colleen Sweeney

    I love this movie! It helps that I am a fan of 1960s music. They played the title song at my old job a few years ago during the summer, and I had to work hard to just dance and clap to the beat of the song.

  • Ramona Falk

    always loved this movie :) great post. I know what I’m doing tonight ;)

  • Christin Richter

    damn right, girl! this movie is awesome! it was and still is one of my alltime favourites :)

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