Milk and Cookies and an Instant Movie

Instant Movie: Romeo + Juliet (1996)

The ultimate love story: two crazy kids fall in love and kill themselves. I remember reading the play as a kid but I didn’t completely fall in love with the play until I was fresh out of ‘tweenhood and watched Baz Lurhmann’s version of Romeo + Juliet (1996). It was also the very first film (besides Dumbo) that made me cry. I just couldn’t believe that the incredibly cute boy from Growing Pains and Angela from My So-Called Life were dead. Well, dead in the movie. It was certainly an amazing movie then and now it’s on Instant viewing, aren’t we lucky? Here’s why you should stay in and watch:

  1. Leonardo DiCarprio and Claire Danes, two great and adorable actors. It’s so cute watching their courtship unfold while they both have baby faces.
  2. John Leguizamo as Tybalt. I’m going to be honest, besides To Wong Foo, he has done nothing I’m a fan of except for playing Tybalt. Doesn’t he have the perfect villain face?
  3. The soundtrack is great! I still listen to it to this day! Every overly-emotional girl in the ’90s overplayed Garbage’s ‘#1 Crush’ to death, am I right?
  4. Paul Rudd as Paris. In this version of Romeo + Juliet, I would have been totally okay with Juliet not marrying Romeo and sticking with Paris. Paul Rudd is a stone cold fox.
  5. The infamous fish tank scene. How romantic is it to spot someone on the other side of a fish tank and fall in love? Super romantic. I bet fish tank sales sky rocketed after this movie was out.

For this movie, you’ll need popcorn, cookies and milk and an entire box of tissues. Yes, you’ll cry but it’ll be a good cry. Plus, we all need to just let it out sometimes and sobbing during this movie is a great excuse! Also, if you’re interested, the classic version of Romeo and Juliet is also on instant!

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  • Aamina Malik

    I loved the soundtrack! Especially the Garbage song, and Talk Show Host by Radiohead. And you wouldn’t believe HOW many movies I’ve seen since this one that have copied the fishtank scene in some way or another (and done it BADLY, i might add). It’s so irritating. Lol. :p

    • Myrna Valadez

      Hahaha, I can watch that fish tank scene forever! I love Talk Show Host btw :)

  • Vicky L. Z. Anton

    I feel like John Leguizamo in Moulin Rouge was great too. Also a Baz Luhrmann film. I saw this and smiled. I used to be obsessed with this movie and Leo! Great movie that I’ll have to watch again sometime soon (yay, Watch Instantly)

    • Myrna Valadez

      I love Baz and almost everything he’s done! I still haven’t seen Moulin Rouge even though I own it AND love Ewan McGregor. I’m embarrased now. I swear I’ll watch it tonight and agree with you about John Leguizamo!

  • Tyler Vendetti

    I’ve always loved this version more than the older one. Leonardo Dicaprio can make anything good. And the death scene is so heartwrenching. It gets me every time I watch it.

    Here’s an related instant music video. Romeo/Juliet mixed with Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.” :)

    • Myrna Valadez

      Oh wow, that’s totally cute! I’ve got to show this video to my niece (who loves this song)! ::runs away::

  • Elizabeth Siegel

    “on instant” is my favorite phrase of 2011.

    • Myrna Valadez

      Isn’t it great?! I want everything to be on instant FOREVER!

  • Jeni Marple

    Totally one of my fav movies! I use to listen to the score when I would open at the CD store :) Just the other day “Talk Show Host” by Radiohead came up on my iPod and I decided I need to watch the movie again :) Leo lost his hotness after this…It may be blasphemy for someone of our generation to say, but I didn’t love him in Titanic…

    • Myrna Valadez

      I’m writhing with jealousy, I’ve always wanted to work at a music store! It’s too late now since they’re practically non-existant. I don’t think it’s blasphemous to say he’s not hot anymore! There are only two men who get hotter with age, John Stamos and George Clooney and I’m convinced it’s because they sold their soul to the devil. BTW, I’ve never seen Titanic and I brag about it!

  • Jane Murphy

    Oh gosh, I have the biggest boner for Leonardo in this film. He is super smoking hot. I think it’s better than the original film too. I was working in a high school English class last year and they were studying R & J and the teacher flat-out refused to show this version. I felt so sorry for the kids (and myself), having to sit through the original piece o’ shiz.

  • Elina Bergmann

    One of my all-time favourite movie soundtracks! I still cry every time I watch it.
    Also, Claire Danes shares my birthday, so I like to pretend we are bffs.

  • Justine Montero

    Oh.My.God. #3-5 is ME. This soundtrack was one of my first cd’s I ever owned. I remember my other tween friends thinking I was a nutty 12 year old for owning it, umm this soundtrack was AMAZING. Oh and Paul Rudd, I’ve realized within the past 48 hours that I’m totally crushin’ on him. Have you seen his Nylon men cover? He was lookin’ mighty fine…

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