Milk and Cookies and an Instant Movie

Instant Movie: Problem Child (1990)

So, maybe I wasted my time as a kid reading books and watching TV. I feel I should have spent more time getting in trouble because that’s the only time in life you can really get away with stuff. To compensate for missing out, I live vicariously through kids who go around being boss like Problem Child! Come on, doesn’t putting a frog in the punch bowl sound like a blast? Haven’t you tried to sell your parents old and embarrassing clothes? So why not stream this flick this holiday weekend o’laziness and expect to find:

  1. The main character, Junior, is the original hipster kid. Back in 1990, Junior officially brought back the bow tie.
  2. ’90s suburban fashion galore! Big hair and even bigger shoulder pads!
  3. The genius that is John Ritter. I love how he sprinkles in a little physical comedy every now and then. Such a comic relief and scene stealer.
  4. This kid refuses to be a victim. While lots of us would sit down and cry over our troubles, this kid seeks revenge…even if it means ruining your birthday party!
  5. Lastly, although he is a little badass, all he needs at the end of the day is a little love.

So let’s end this year with a bang by watching Problem Child, the ultimate in your face comedy of the ’90s! Oh and did I mention you’ll end up with a whole new language? “They look like a couple of yahoos…”

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