Milk and Cookies and an Instant Movie

Instant Movie: Party Girl (1995)

This week’s installment of Milk and Cookies and Instant Movie is a very special edition. Monday is a very exciting day for everyone. Yes, July 4th is my birthday! It also happens to be the very same day that The United States embraced the Declaration of Independence and the day summer is informally kicked off.  It’s officially a party weekend and to commemorate all the fun that is to be had, this week’s instant movie pick is none other than Party Girl (1995), a personal favorite of mine about being a party girl in NYC. Between backyard barbecues and evenings spent dancing the night away, make sure you squeeze in this flick because:

  1. It stars Parker Posey, The Queen of Art House Cinema. It sounds like a dramatic title but really it just means she’s super funny in indie movies.
  2. The clothes. Oh my gosh, the clothes. If these outfits aren’t mid-90’s street fashion, I really don’t know what is.
  3. The resident beefcake in this film is a very young Liev Schreiber, accent and all.
  4. You’ll want to eat a falafel with hot sauce, a side order of baba ghanoush and a seltzer by the end of the movie.
  5. The dancing is THE BEST. I’ll let this video clip do the talking.

Grab a tall glass of milk (for this week, a White Russian will work too) and sugar cookies in the shape of American Flags and be prepared to have a party on your couch!

Photos by and Miss Foxtrot

  • Melanie Antley Biehle

    I totally forgot about this movie! I love it and want to watch it again…for probably the fifth time. Thanks for the reminder, Myrna.

  • Virginia Blake

    As a librarian and a Parker Posey fan, I love this movie. I need to watch it again.

  • Paul White

    I never even knew about this movie! I just watched it and *LOVED* it! Thanks for the tip!!!!

    • Myrna Valadez

      A success story! LOVE IT! Thanks for reading AND watching!

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