Milk and Cookies and an Instant MovieInstant Movie: Office Space (1999)Myrna Valadez

In the spring of 2004, I thought I scored myself a job that was amazing. It was a mile from my home, I didn’t have to work nights or weekends and I got every holiday off. It felt like I had won the lottery. Compared to my prior job, this looked like it had potential to be the best thing ever – that is, until I actually started working there. In true The Office fashion, I worked for a paper company where I did online marketing, but quite unlike The Office,  there were no funny, creative, eccentric or even cute co-workers. The work itself was beyond boring and repetitive, it was downright torturous. I thought to myself, “I can deal with this, I mean, I’m not here to socialize and the pay is totally decent.” Each day that went by, I started realizing the people were like zombies – talking about the same things, cracking the same jokes and never diverting their attention away from the onslaught of daily memos. Two months in, I realized that I was working in my very own Office Space (1999). If you have ever had a job that made surgery look like a vacation, then indulge on this week’s instant movie pick because:

  1. You’ll laugh until you cry. You’ll find yourself pairing up characters with your own real life colleagues – these people do exist!
  2. It stars Jennifer Aniston in one of her funniest roles, an on-the-verge waitress who finds solace in the arms of an uninspired office worker.
  3.  The infamous “O-Face” scene!
  4.  Lastly, you’ll find yourself wanting to find your true calling. Why waste our lives in a job we hate?!

Grab your cookies and milk and get ready to enjoy the funniest (and true life) office comedy of the ’90s!

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  • Julia Hays

    One of my favorite movies of all time! And, perhaps unfortunately, it’s way too realistic about working in an office!

  • MJ Rojas

    “that’s my stapler….you can’t take my stapler, that’s mine” (repeat a hundred times)

  • Meg Lee Schmidt

    best movie around town. they’re always playing it on TBS!!!! love love love me some aniston baby :D

  • Elisabeth Miller

    I love this movie way too much.

  • Patricia Flores Aguilera

    I adore it!

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