Milk and Cookies and an Instant Movie

Instant Movie: ‘Mermaids' (1990)

Saying that mother and daughter relationships are complex is an understatement. Some us get along marvelously with our mothers, but most have the not-so-perfect relationship with them. Most of the time, we can agree to disagree with our mothers. In honor of the not so perfect relationships, this week’s Instant Movie pick is none other than Mermaids. The story of a an ultra religious and conservative daughter, her young and modern mother and the adorable younger sister. These three women, as different as can be, learn that maybe there is no relationship more complex and loving than that of a mother and daughter. Let’s fire up the TV and watch because:

  1. You’ll fall in love with a very young and cute Christina Ricci.
  2. Winona Ryder as the super holy oldest daughter, Charlotte, will have you giggling with amusement at her granny-like lines!
  3. The stud of the film might look a little familiar…remember Jake Ryan from a lil’ movie called Sixteen Candles?
  4. Cher’s big hair and short skirts are fabulously fashionable! I wouldn’t mind snagging a few of her ‘6os dresses.
  5. Lastly, enjoy this movie with all the women in your family. It’s the perfect chick flick for a rainy night!

So gather up the milk and cookies and your closest girl friends – and that includes your mom – and get ready to enjoy a film that will make you feel way too much in a short amount of time!

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