Milk and Cookies and an Instant Movie

Instant Movie: ‘Hook’ (1991)

Given my selection of movie picks, it’s painfully obvious that I am a child of the ’90s and as expected, here is another! This week, this movie selection takes a classic tale of innocence, fun and gives it a twist that adds another chapter to the story of Peter Pan. Do you like sword fights? Men in wigs and tights? Giant Crocodiles? Flying pixies? I’m talking about the movie Hook, and if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it immediately!  Ever wondered what ever happens to a character after the story ends? Do you lay awake at night wondering if Peter Pan ever grew up? He did. The story of a grown up Peter Pan living in the real world is the plot behind this movie and it’s full of imagination and magic.  So get ready for:

  1. Julia Roberts as the adorable and pint-sized Tinkerbell!
  2. It’s directed by Steven Spielberg. Let’s just say he has a knack for bringing magic stories to life.
  3. The Lost Boys are as fun as ever! Those kids know how to party.
  4. Dustin Hoffman makes a brilliant Captain Hook! He’s even more conceiving this time around.
  5. Lastly, watch because we’ve all chanted “RUFIO” at least once in our lives!

So gather up the kiddos and grab the milk and cookies. This fun-for-the-entire-family film will make your weekend a most enjoyable and memorable one!

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  • Ashley Lynn Cook

    Can I just say, I SO fell in love with Robin Williams when I first saw this movie! 😀 He is the most ADORABLE Peter Pan ever lol!

  • Georgina Elsmere

    I love this film! You should absolutely watch the Neverland mini series, which tells the story of how Peter Pan came to be. It has the same Smee as Hook.

  • Michele Morrow

    I wrote a review about this movie in my junior high newspaper and saw it three times in the theatre. You have no idea how much this moved me to see it browsing through the HG website! Well done.

    • Myrna Valadez

      I’m emotionally attached to this movie too, oh so much nostalgia.

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