Milk and Cookies and an Instant Movie

Instant Movie: Heathers (1989)

In a time before we were using the term “Queen Bee” and fearing Regina George-esque girls, the teens of yesteryear feared Heathers (1989). Yes, now you can watch Heathers on instant! (Stands on soapbox) Hear this! Do you like movies with romance, action, deception, teen drama? Look no further! This tale of truly mean girls in will have you fearing teenage girls now more than ever. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cringe at some of the clothes and most of the make-up. The critics (when I say ‘critic’ I mean me) agree… Anyway, a unique twist on the “popular girls” genre, Heathers is equal parts teen dark dramedy and action, all while being an indie movie. So why should you care?:

  1. Winona Ryder, ladies and gentleman. She’s the best – we’ve raved about her before, right?
  2. It won an Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature.
  3. The movie takes place in 1989…so the fashion is wretched. I’m sorry, it’s the shoulder pads! Anyhow, these outfits are a must see!
  4. Vintage “bad girl” Shannon Doherty. You know, like when she was on 90210.
  5. And the most important reason to watch: Winona Ryder wears a monocle. Yes.
So warm up those cookies and pour yourself some milk. Grab your girlfriends and cuddle up on the couch and let your inner mean girl hang out for the ultimate teen angst flick!
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  • Sara Wallén

    Yes! Then follow it up with Pump Up the Volume for more young Christan Slater action 😀

  • Iamsuper Sally

    I love your column! I am always looking forward to your movie suggestions. I’m definitely watching this too.

  • Liz Haebe

    I totally watched this last night! I forgot how awful the clothes were, and the eyebrows! But, Christian Slater is still SO HOT! Oh, and psycho!

  • Caitlin Kelly

    HEY! !980’s fashion is almost not even OK to make fun of anymore. HA!

    And thank you! This is such an underrated 80’s classic!

  • Sarah Pilgrim

    I love this movie! great recommendation!

  • Thu Ngo

    How do you not mention the dialogue??? That’s the best part!! “I don’t patronize bunny rabbits!”

  • Melissa Freund

    “The extreme always seems to make an impression” … Ohhh, one of my all time fav movies! I don’t know how I would have got through high school without this movie and Christian Slater!

  • Katherine Gregor

    I adore this movie. Everything about it.

  • Heather Mckown

    about 8 years ago i tired to bring back “how very” but everyone always responded “very what?” I love Heathers. Still can’t find the song “teenage suicide don’t do it” by BIG FUN…i want it for a ringtone.

  • Emily Moore

    Okay I just have to say…this is my favorite all time movie. I think it may be the best cult classic that exists. I had a super crush on Christian SLater for several years. Plus I have it on DVD, but I noticed yesterday that it is streaming on netfliks.

  • Emalie Soderback

    “our love is god. come on let’s get a slushy.”

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