Milk and Cookies and an Instant Movie

Instant Movie: Dirty Dancing (1987)

Instant Movie: Dirty Dancing (1987)We’ve all been there ladies. We’ve all fallen madly in love with a dashing, seemingly worldly and handsome older man (and if our parents did not approve of him, he was somehow hotter). Sure, it was probably someone on TV but in our minds, it was so real. While I spent my tween years madly in love with Luke Perry, my older sisters spent theirs in love with Patrick Swayze. Apparently, in 1987, every girl wanted to be Francis “Baby” Houseman, the lucky girl who snagged herself the deliciously handsome Johnny Castle in the classic romance flick, Dirty Dancing. I’d be a fool to imagine anyone hasn’t seen this film, so take this a reminder of why you should watch again:

  1. The “Oh, lover boy” scene. Let’s not pretend we didn’t crawl on our bedroom floors after seeing THAT scene.
  2. Patrick Swayze solves every problem in the movie with what? Yes, his dancing.
  3. This is a soundtrack we should all be playing full blast: (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life, Hungry Eyes and Be My Baby.
  4. Before winning Dancing With The Stars, Jennifer Grey danced into our hearts as the watermelon-totting-teen-dreamer Baby. The other contestants never had a chance.
  5. Let’s not fail to mention the ‘60s summerwear! I wanted to dress just like Lisa, Baby’s prissy older sister, crazy Hawaiian outfit and all.
Ladies, our mission is clear. We need a night of cookies, milk, and our girlfriends. Dust off your old jazz shoes and have the time of your life with your gal pals, singing and dancing along to this weeks instant movie pick!
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