Milk and Cookies and an Instant Movie

Instant Movie: ‘Brokeback Mountain' (2005)

You never know where you will find love. Which is why we should always look our best, but that’s beside the point. My point is that you could run into the love of your life in the most unexpected place and if you have my luck, it’ll be a forbidden like like the story of Ennis and Jack. Living in a time and place where homosexuality was frowned upon, Ennis and Jack fell in love and were forced to keep it a secret. This week’s instant movie is one of my favorite movies, Brokeback Mountain. So, there a storm coming and why not spend tonight with these boys because:

  1. One of the best performances of Heath Ledger’s short-lived career.
  2. This love affair is crazy intense. Makes me want to keep someone a secret.
  3. It was very well received by critics – it won BAFTAs, an Independent Spirit Award and Academy Awards!
  4. It was directed by the very talented Ang Lee
  5. And lastly, Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger are way cute together!

So stay in, put the little ones to bed and keep warm with this heartfelt story about a love that could never be! Don’t forget the cookies and warm milk too.

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  • Syikien Oyob

    I remember watching this movie in the cinema. I was expected the movie to be super gross, but I was touched by their love for each other and the whole situation. And also quite sad that Jake was killed at the end of the show. WTH. Still, it was a great movie. Love it.

  • Carina Adly MacKenzie

    Makes me sad that anyone would go into this movie expecting it to be “super gross.”

  • Zoe Moorman

    you do feel sorry for poor Michelle Williams :(

  • Liz Haebe

    Such a moving movie. I can’t really watch it now because it makes me so sad. But, I think it’s a pretty perfect movie. And, it’s definitely Jake’s best work!

  • Cesar Porro

    I think the reason I love this film so much is that it is not a gay film dealing with gay issues, it really is just a tragic love story reminiscent of those like in the film Titanic, for example. It’s just so happens to be a relationship between two men this time.

    • Myrna Valadez

      Yes, love is love and it’s tragic when two people can’t be together.

  • Heather Marie Mckown

    Great choice. Another sad, but amazing movie i love is “Boys don’t cry”

    • Myrna Valadez

      I love ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ but it’s so hard to watch. That’s what makes it wonderful.

  • Melanie Mccauley

    I have never cried through a movie like I cried through this one. Repeatedly.

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