Insta-Rad! Introducing: Scan-to-Gram

Salutations fellow techies, I have some seriously exciting news for you. You are probably familiar with QR codes, (the black and white pixel squares) but have you heard of Scan-to-Gram? We were honored to be part of the launch of this app alongside such notable companies as GQ, Audi and Marc Jacobs. Jiovan Melendez, Head of Business Development commented, “Not only are they amongst the most popular users on Instagram, but they represent design and style from smart and innovative people, something we strive for at Scan.” AWWW.

Garrett Gee, CEO of Scan explains, “Scan-to-gram is a fun and coincidentally quirky way for businesses, organizations, and other groups to build their Instagram follow-base. With the simple scan of a QR code, users can instantly follow you and your team!” All in one scan. How convenient is that? I love all-in-one ideas like this. You mean I can get a Pizza Hut slice, a Starbucks latte and buy the latest nail art tools all while skipping down the aisles of my local Target? Okay, maybe some all-in-one ideas aren’t brilliant. But this one is, my friends. This one is.

So start scanning! In the time it currently takes you to individually like, scan and follow, you could probably get back to work. 😉

Image via Scan