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Do you Gigglers use Pinterest? I’ve been using it for a couple months now and I love checking in on the pins to get inspiration on everything from DIYs for interiors and style or just to gaze at the pretty pictures! I’ve collected a few of my recent favorites for your viewing pleasure. You can follow my personal Pin boards here.

The melted crayon art above I found on Pinterest (done by Meg Duerksen) and then posted on Mr. Kate with the how-to. Some people in turn got inspired and sent me photos of their own interpretations of molten crayon art (see some here).

Okay, this is too cute! What a fun idea for party food!

Dollar Store pearls and a hanging basket made into a pretty chandelier. DIY steps here.

Lovely idea for a family portrait or wedding photo.

Just plain gorgeous. This is a high-speed photograph of ink mixing in water.

A sandwich diagram.

Pressed tin applied to a dishwasher brings a whole new dimension to the coveted ‘stainless steel’ look.

I love the look of this chalkboard table runner – rustic, inviting and informative!

I want to do this so bad! I would run around barefoot all the time if my feet were this decorative. Nice callus camouflage too!

What photos/ideas inspire you? Link to them in the comments please, I’d love to see!

Photos via:,,,,, thesteampunkhome,, pink-bones.tumblr, meg duerksen

  • Danielle Irvine Smith

    I’m totally going to follow you now! I love your inspiration ideas!

  • Becalet Bliss

    love love love!!

  • Harriet Newman

    I love, love Pinterest. While the photo isn’t inspiring, the idea of these pumpkin cupcake/muffins left me with a craving after I saw this pin: I made them last week and they were AMAZING.

    • Mr Kate

      mmm! sounds so good! thanks for the link!

  • Mandie Mohrlock

    Well this Pinterest is right up my alley, thanks so much for bringing this to those of us who were in the dark! I have a huge, beat up gold trunk that I bought at a garage sale and I have no idea how to spruce it up. Maybe this website will give me ideas! ::Fingers crossed::

  • Anna Carol

    I love pinterest!

  • Kimberly Giedd

    now i’m addicted to pinterest. I’m also doing this crayon thing.

  • Stephanie Neutze

    I’m totally obsessed and have found some amazing ideas on Pinterest! BTW – Love the ink in water shot!!!

  • Heather Mann

    Thank you for linking to Dollar Store Crafts!! xoxo

  • Mr Kate

    So glad you all are liking this post! Thanks for all your comments!

  • Joni Mimi Sopha

    Ahhh I love pinterest! It’s gives me such great ideas for how I want to decorate my house in the future, and the book case esque style ideas are excellent!

    Also their food search, hungry much?

  • Christine Deaver

    Ack, Hellogiggles did a post about Pinterest! My two favorite sites are interacting…the internet is going to implode!!

  • Annie Lambert

    Oh goodness, Pinterest is the best! I swear it’s taken over my life. Thanks for sharing your pins… found some great ideas!

  • Jessica Massey

    I’m so glad you posted this! I have recently become obsessed with Pinterest and was thinking it would be the perfect thing for HG to post about!

  • Alice Vaught

    Pinterest is the best. All my girls, and my husband are on it and it has honestly changed my life. So many awesome recipes and dyi ideas, and straight up wisdom. I’m obsessed. Pinterest and HelloGiggles are ruling my internet life.

    • Mr Kate

      yeah, i have spent many an hour browsing and pinning. woot!

  • Eloise Loxton

    YAY! New favourite website! Thanks. x

    • Mr Kate

      yay! it’s so fun!

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